Commercial Restaurant Equipment

The cost of commercial restaurant equipment is high because competitors sell through commission-based salespeople, who charge a lot for rent on their location.
Why are some of the prices for commercial restaurant equipment and quality products so high? The question should be asked - why do competitors' near me sell their products through salesmen and rent locations that drive up costs drastically. Most companies paying 20% commissions to their own employees, which double or even triple what they would pay at an average retail store will not get you into the foodservice industry without spending a small fortune.

Restaurant Supply Near Me

Whether you are looking for a ice machine, refrigerated merchandisers, freezer or countertop cooking equipment, griddles or a wok to help run your restaurant we have what it takes for a positive shopping experience. Whether used in the kitchen of an established business like yours or a small food truck that's just starting out - our selection includes quality stainless steel appliances at great prices!

Restaurant Equipment Financing

The cost of restaurant equipment can vary greatly depending on the type and size, but it could range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands.
Could you use a little help? I offer restaurant equipment financing as start up capital for those who need it. With low down payments and no lofty credit requirements, my services are sure to make your dream of opening the an iconic establishment come true. You could be earning an income before the first payment comes due. With our financing options, we help local entrepreneurs get started with their new business and support them as they grow into established restaurants.

How much does restaurant equipment cost?

There is no one answer to this question, as the cost of restaurant equipment can vary greatly depending on the type and size of the business, as well as the specific equipment that is needed. However, some of the most common pieces of restaurant equipment can range in price from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Some of the most expensive pieces of restaurant equipment include commercial ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, and cooking equipment. However, there are many other pieces of equipment that are necessary for a restaurant, such as sinks, cutting boards, and utensils. It is important to carefully consider the cost of restaurant equipment before opening a business, as the expense can be significant. However, with the right equipment, a restaurant can be successful and profitable.

The Restaurant Warehouse is your go-to source for quality restaurant equipment at low prices. With 1-2 day delivery, fast shipping times, and better quality products, we have everything you need to outfit your kitchen and keep your business running smoothly. Browse our selection of ovens, stoves, refrigerators, and more to find the perfect pieces for your establishment. And don't forget to take advantage of our low online prices! Shop today and get started on renovating your restaurant's infrastructure.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Near Me

What are the different equipment used in the restaurant?
The equipment used in a restaurant can vary depending on the type of restaurant. However, some of the most common pieces of equipment include ovens, stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and sinks.

Atosa Catering Equipment, True Refrigeration, and MVP offers great prices on freezers, refrigerators, sandwich prep table, pizza prep tables, solid door refrigerators, chest freezers, coolers, commercial sinks, stainless steel work tables, ice machine, commercial ovens, display cases, 3 compartment sinks, merchandisers, fryers, char-broiler grills, broilers, griddles, hot plates, and commercial cooking ranges, cutlery and smallwares at fair prices with fast shipping in the contiguous u.s.

Restaurant Equipment Near Me

We ship to any metropolitan, suburb, or rural city in the Contiguous United States.

Restaurant Store

Please note that fast shipping is to the restaurants door or what is called curbside delivery. I do offer a special promotions and will call if you want to pick the unit up at the warehouse. We have the forklift to load the commercial heavy equipment. You just need to bring straps to secure the load and the unloading back at your restaurant.

True Refrigeration and Solid Door Freezers

I believe if someone bought a Atosa Top Mount or Bottom Mount Freezer that hold a -8 F temperature range, Atosa Refrigerator, Salad Prep Table, pizza prep table or ice machine and another brand like a True Freezer or True Refrigerator, True Sandwich Prep Table or True Pizza Prep Table and used both side by side at the end of a few years when they needed a new refrigerator they would purchase Atosa Catering Equipment over the other the True Upright Refrigerator or Freezer, but there are still Restaurant owners that have used True for years and want a solid door 115v Refrigerators 33 to 38 F temperature range, electric defrost Freezers that holds a -10 degrees F temperature range, Sandwich Prep Tables, and Pizza Prep Tables manufactured by True.

Restaurant Equipment Store

I would like to announce that our restaurant equipment store offers True Refrigeration with free shipping and no lift gate fees. Beware of cheap Atosa and True knocks offs they don't have a maintenance service compressor warranty, ETL-Sanitation, dixell digital temperature control, new refrigerated components and lack environmental safe R290 Hydrocarbon Refrigerant used in top refrigerators. True offers 3 additional years warranty on all parts and labor and a 2 year warranty on compressor.

Atosa Refrigerators and Atosa Freezers Standard Features

  • Atosa commercial kitchen supply solutions offer a great quality products at an exceptional value, that help operators of commercial kitchens and restaurants realize better bottom line results. Featuring a combination of distinctive American styling and sturdy stainless steel interior for day-to-day use. Priced right with fast shipping, the unit is loaded with features to accent your restaurant or kitchen.
  • The unit is an entry mid to mid level refrigerator featuring advanced European and Japanese technologies and parts. The condensers are from Denmark, controllers from Italy and EBM fan motors from Germany.
  • The Energy Star Rated product provides less energy consumption when compared to conventional refrigeration equipment and freezers. All fridges and freezers feature Zero Depletion potential insulation and the not environmentally friendly r134 has been replaced with R290 Hydrocarbon Refrigerant.
  • The Atosa refrigerator and Atosa Freezers utilizes a patented Embraco 5 year warranty compressors which consume less energy.
  • The units Dixell digital temperature controllers feature the latest generation of microprocessors.
  • Top or bottom mount compressor units. Exterior and interior stainless steel construction. Self-closing and stay open door. Efficient refrigeration system. Round corner design. Recessed door handle. Standard safety door lock with self closing option. Automatic Evaporation, Magnetic door gaskets. Preinstalled castors. Preinstalled shelves. 155 lbs loading capacity per adjustable shelf, and interior lighting.
  • Atosa workmanship has engineered better food preservation in the hottest, most extreme commercial restaurant and working conditions.
  • Intertek group ETL cetlus Listed and NSF compliant to North American product safety standards and required sanitation standards. All the electronic parts are CE certified. NEMA 5-15P (two-pole with ground pin) plugs are used on 1,2 and 3 door refrigerators 115v outlet and 1, 2 door freezers 115v outlet 3 door freezer use NEMA 14-20P.
  • Heavy duty, AISI high grade stainless steel interior and exterior. Better corrosion and rust resistance than cheaper regular stainless steel refrigerators.
  • Two year parts and labor warranty. Five year compressor warranty from the date of original installation.

Restaurant Equipment & Supply

Energy Star Rated digital temperature control Commercial Refrigerators, Glass Door Refrigerator Merchandisers and Glass Door Commercial Freezers with self closing doors features a combination of distinctive American styling and sturdy construction for day-to-day use. Priced right, the units are loaded with features to accent your restaurant or kitchen. All units come with a two year parts and labor warranty and a five year compressor warranty. All cooking equipment comes with a one year parts and labor warranty. The refrigerator compartment and solid door reach in freezer compartment has a 22 to 68 cubic foot capacity. All surfaces of the commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers are made of easily cleanable materials. All adjustable shelves inside the cabinet are removable without tools so that the commercial freezer can be easily cleaned on a regular basis. All freezers have an electric defrost. Each refrigeration unit has a 100% run test before releasing the unit to the customer. Prior to shipping, all Atosa units must pass an intense series of tests for a minimum run time of 24 hours before it can leave the Atosa commercial refrigeration shop. These tests include computer refrigerant amount charging and vacuum leak decay checks, helium leak detection, vibration levels, evaporation, interior lighting, seal compressor visual examination of door refrigerator and door handles and a temperature analysis.

Atosa Sandwich Prep Table

The best selling Atosa MSF8301, 48 inch Sandwich Prep Table, Mega Top Sandwich Prep Tables and 67 inch Pizza Prep Table are offered in a variety of sizes and come with casters, adjustable shelves, anti-jam stainless steel food pans and not the cheap poly plastic food pans used by other national brands. The NSF certified ETL cetlus rated sandwich prep table digital temperature control refrigerator also come with cutting boards. automatic evaporation and pan rail accessories. NEMA 5-15P (two-pole with ground pin) plugs and 115v are used. The sandwich prep table features a front breathing Embraco compressor unit. Do you need a sandwich prep table with drawers. Please contact customer service for a price quote. The salad prep table compartment has a 7 to 21 cubic foot capacity. Low on space, but need more pans? Then go with a 27 inch Mega Top Sandwich Prep Table

Atosa Pizza Prep Table

The sandwich prep table and energy star rated pizza prep table stainless steel pans keeps your deli meats, vegetable and salads fresh. Atosa units come with pre-installed casters accessories, solid doors not drawers, epoxy shelves, automatic evaporation, and a side mount embraco compressor. NEMA 5-15P (two-pole with ground pin) plugs and 115v are used. I only offer NSF ETL cetlus compliant to North American product safety standards and required sanitation standards. Restaurant equipment electronic parts are CE certified. Do you need a sandwich prep table or pizza prep table with drawers. Please contact customer service for a price quote. My restaurant equipment company stands for a commitment to quality, longevity, value and product availability. Because Restaurants require immediate product availability, we are often able to offer equipment delivery in 1-3 days. All Energy Star Rated Atosa Refrigeration and True Refrigeration units nsf etl cetlus rated are priced right and you are not charged any unreasonable lift gate fees. Frequently Asked Questions and helpful links for freight.

Stainless Steel Work Tables

Atosa is dedicated to designing and professional grade commercial work tables. with a heavy duty industrial frame. Intertek ETL cetlus Listed and NSF compliant to North American product safety standards and required sanitation standards. Smooth curves, tapered finish and bright finish for an elegant presentation. 18 gauge stainless steel structure, durable material, stainless steel rust, defects and ding resistant. Stainless steel work tables have one year warranty.

Used Restaurant Equipment

How much should i offer for used restaurant equipment?
This is a question that can vary greatly, depending on the condition of the equipment and the market at the time. Generally, you can expect to offer around 50% of the original purchase price for used restaurant equipment. Keep in mind that you are getting no warranty on the restaurant equipment. With such a huge list of benefits in buying a new unit, why would you risk your hard-earned business resources on a used unit with no warranty that may or may not pass a board of health inspection?

Restaurant Equipment Craigslist

There always seems to be a glut of used restaurant equipment for sale online, and for the budget minded restaurateur, the lure of almost new looking piece of restaurant equipment can seem like the best option. Usually the used equipment is sold "as is," with no warranty or possibility of a refund if it breaks down or needs repairs a few days of original purchase. You never know when the product life of older models is due for a major overhaul or has been removed from NSF for approval status.

Restaurant Equipment Auctions

Commercial Refrigerators, Freezers, Mega Top Refrigerated Salad Prep Table, and Pizza Prep Tables operate in a commercial kitchen atmosphere laden with grease and smoke. Most commercial refrigeration are placed near a deep fat fryer or other equipment that exudes a high volume of grease that can exact a beating on the breathing system of commercial refrigerators/freezers. A clean or pristine undercounter refrigerator might look nice, but the compressor might be at the end of its life cycle because the unit did not have had proper ventilation around the unit. Please note our selection is not recommended for residential use.

Commercial Restaurant Equipment Repair

Other issues include electrically operated equipment with tons of dials, switches and buttons. Replacing a compressor on a used unit can run you $500 plus dollars before any labor costs. New shelving generally runs $50 each and replacing a gasket can cost you another $50. In the end you don't wind up with anything equivalent to a new machine.

The Restaurant Warehouse

The Restaurant Warehouse restaurant equipment shop of Seattle launched its offering of commercial kitchen equipment at used prices in 2014. The company stands for a commitment to quality, longevity, value and product availability. Restaurants require immediate product availability, and we are often able to offer equipment delivery in 1-3 days. All Energy Star Rated Atosa Refrigeration and True Refrigeration units are priced right and you are not charged any unreasonable lift gate fees. We can meet your delivery expectations regional quick-ship warehouses filled stocked with items like 72 inch sandwich prep table, 93 inch pizza prep tables, solid door 1, 2 and 3 door refrigerator, solid door reach in 1,2 and 3 door freezer, chest freezers, beverage coolers, undercounter freezers,  commercial sinks, 1/2 horsepower meat slicer and meat grinders, steam tables for your buffet tables, microwaves, planetary mixers, cookware, work top refrigerators, ice machine and ice makers, display cases, ice cream merchandisers, cabinets, dispensers, table tops, openers, inset and racks. All True and Atosa Refrigeration and True Refrigeration come with fast shipping. My Frequently Asked Questions and helpful links for shipping and freight FAQ page.