True Freezer

True Freezers

True Refrigeration commercial refrigerators and freezers are the most popular brand in more foodservice kitchens thanks to their high-quality products. The company has built its reputation on components made at factories located across America, including PVC shelving for reach ins or triple paned glass doors on certain models that provide extra protection against breakage during transporting processes.

True 2 Door Freezer

When it comes to freezers in the kitchen, Atosa makes sure there's enough space for all your needs. They offer reach-in models with either top compressors or bottom mounted units and four different size options: single door shelves that can hold up 21 cubic feet of food; half doors which range between 15 - 23 ft., three quarter inch thick walls allow them accommodate 45 Cubic feet box style goods (the most common type), while five inches tall racks provide 72 cu ft total storage capacity. 

True Freezer, 3 Door

Atosa One, two, 3 Door Freezers are designed to be simple and user-friendly. The body of the freezer is made from AISI stainless steel, which helps protect against rust or corrosion for increased life span in use! It also comes equipped with three shelves on each unit that can hold up 155 pounds worth food per shelf - making this model perfect if you have larger restaurants looking forward into their next meal time crunching around your kitchen again.

True Freezer Manual

The configuration installing process for upright and under-counter freezers takes less than five minutes once everything has been removed from its box and pallet; meaning there isn't any complicated casters needed to be installed. Atosa is a company that provides commercial freezers to busy restaurants in need. They guarantee their products will last with a two years parts and labor warranty and a five year compressor warranty.