Reach-In Refrigerator

Reach-in Refrigerator


A new commercial refrigerator is one of the most indispensable piece in rhw foodservice business for maintaining adjustable racks and compartments of meat, poultry, eggs, seafood, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables safe. These energy star rated electric powered devices are so not unusual today, we neglect that ice was once a commodity, and that ice harvesting was for centuries the only method of food refrigeration. The 18th century fridge was an ice house was a block of ice used to provide a as a substitute undependable supply of cool air. Every food service establishment is reminded of its significance to our day by day lives when the electricity goes off or the commercial refrigerator or commercial freezer fails, putting the business profits and foodservice operation in jeopardy.

Commercial Refrigeration

In the best of both worlds commercial refrigerator and commercial freezer storage would not be necessary for restaurants. Deliveries would be made just as the chef set out to prepare the dish. All foods would be available at all times of the year. In the real world, storage is necessary, and the incorrect commercial fridge or freezer has the potential for causing serious and costly problems.

Commercial Refrigerator

Most kitchens have to much or to little refrigerated space at the proper locations to meet the foodservice establishment menu needs. The physical capacity is adequate, but the restaurant does not have the correct type of refrigeration. Commercial Refrigerators retard the growth of bacteria in foods; it cannot, however, correct damage already done. Perishable and potentially hazardous items can be held in a refrigerator only on a short-term basis. There are two types of foodservice refrigeration units: commercial walk in or upright units.

Walk-in and uprights are best when made of stainless steel or a combination of stainless steel and aluminum. The doors should withstand heavy use. They should close with a slight nudge. Walk-in units should include an inside unlocked latch to prevent employees from locking themselves in. The door gaskets should be easily replaceable. Condensate vapors and defrost water are unsanitary hazards and a system provided to drain excess water should be outside the unit. An optional device for both types is a warning alarm that signals the manager if the power is interrupted. The best commercial refrigerator should have windows for observation of ingredients This saves opening the door if the item isn't there. The unit should be sealed to the floor and offer no access to moisture or vermin. The floor panels should be of heavy duty material.

Best Commercial Refrigerator

A commercial reach-in refrigerator is similar to the refrigeration system you have at home. You open the door, and get the food that you want. You do not want a residential refrigerator koolmore fridge in your commercial kitchen. The doors of the reach-in refrigerator and freezer are constantly being opened in a kitchen being heated by deep fryers, convection ovens, griddles, and char-broilers. The home refrigerator compressor cannot handle the constant blasts of hot air when opened in a restaurants kitchen.

Commercial Refrigeration and Freezers come with either a bottom mount compressor refrigerator or top mount compressor refrigerator. The top mount feature more storage space and is ideal if your work in a bakery or dusty kitchen environment. Flour that spills on the floor get sucked up into the bottom mount compressor and prevents it from working efficiently and will be need to be cleaned constantly. The bottom mount compressor reach-in freezer or commercial refrigerator is best used in hotter kitchens. Remember that heated air rises and colder ground is 15 degrees cooler. The ground air get pulled into the bottom mount compressor and helps your refrigerator to work more efficiently you should keep the Top Mount Compressor unit away from cooking lines.

The bottom mount compressor on reach-in fridge is located at the bottom of the unit where temperatures 15 degrees cooler. This makes for easier access for cleaning and operating compared to a Top Mount Unit. Similarly, deep fryers, convection oven, griddle and char-broiler grease fumes are kept away by having the compressor and evaporation coils of the refrigerator at the bottom. Reach in fridge and freezers may also be undercounter refrigerator or undercounter freezers and have a worktop for food prep. Display fridges may be used to display energy drinks, ice-cold beverage, all kinds of sodas, desserts, and deli meats and cheese.

True Refrigeration

AllTrue Manufacturing Deli Sandwich Prep Tables, Pizza Prep Table, Refrigerated Glass Door Merchandiser, keg, 3-door display cooler, countertop cooler, glass chiller, beverage cooler, Bar Refrigeration, bar coolers, milk coolers and all foodservice equipment we offer on our website for foodservice have the cETLus, ETL-Sanitation, and National Sanitation Foundation approval for sanitary and food safety.

Atosa Refrigerator

The reliable commercial brand Atosa offers an easy access and organized fridge compartment that is available in a variety of sizes. True Pizza Prep Table
  • Model number MBF8004GR 21.4 cubic feet 29 inch wide
  • Model number MBF8005GR43.2 cubic feet 52 inch wide
  • Model number MBF8006GR 64.9 cubic feet 77 inch wide
Atosa proven way to store and evaluate inventory, reduce waste, spoilage and to maximize the utilization of food products and lower your ingredients cost. The reliable commercial brand Atosa offers an organized fridge that is a proven way to store and evaluate inventory, reduce waste, spoilage and to maximize the utilization of food products and lower your restaurant food cost. The reach-in Atosa Refrigerator comes with locking hinged solid doors, magnetic door gasket, digital temperature control, the perfect temperature range of 33° to 40°F in the refrigerator compartment, -8° to 0°F in the atosa freezer units, electric defrost evaporator coils, removable shelf clips for efficient cleaning of food debris and compartments, lockable doors, adjustable racks for food storage, interior LED interior lighting, stainless steel interior and exterior 2" casters, and R290 Hydrocarbon refrigerant. All Atosa manufactured refrigerator-freezer are energy star rated for it's energy efficiency.

Used Refrigerator

There continually appears to be a glut of used commercial refrigeration units, char-broilers, a href="" title="griddles">griddles, ranges, and deep fryers for sale on craigslist during covid-19. Many cash strapped or self financed business and food truck owners, are tempted by the clean shelves and durable stainless steel header panel finish or jet black steel exterior of a used commercial refrigerator with new casters and a working interior light. The used units can be tempting, but, the used equipment is sold "as is," with no warranty or possibility of a refund if it breaks down or needs repairs days after your appliance purchase. Quite often the availability of service for refrigerated equipment and used restaurant equipment is not up to par for the service you would receive for a new unit purchased under warranty.

Atosa Freezer

Display Refrigerator

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