44-inch Pizza Prep Table

If you're thinking about opening a pizzeria or perfecting the one you already have, you've come to the right place for advice and restaurant equipment that can help your commercial kitchen craft wonderful pizzas.

Building the perfect pie takes a lot more than just an oven. You need space to roll the dough, set up the pans, put on the toppings, and build your masterpiece. A pizza prep table is the perfect place for your pizza prep. You need a durable prep area that's equipped with plenty of accessories, shelves, and cabinets. The Restaurant Warehouse's stainless steel work tables come in a variety of sizes and can provide everything you need for your pizza prep. With built-in refrigerators, you have storage space to keep your toppings and sauces at a uniform temperature in a refrigerated compartment. You'll also have stainless steel drawers, food pans, casters, and condiment pans underneath in the cabinets. Your cutting board sits on top of the prep area, so you can work easily and efficiently. Everything you could possibly need to create a great pizza will be available in your cart and at your workspace. These accessories and durable commercial prep tables can help make your kitchen more efficient overall.

The Restaurant Warehouse offers pizza prep tables and accessories with standard features in multiple configurations and with different cubic feet measurements. For restaurants with more limited space, you may be interested in the 44-inch Pizza Prep Table. This size comes with six pans to offer you a wide variety of pizza toppings and combinations. This single-door pizza prep table comes at a low price and can help with your refrigeration system, pizza prep, and digital temperature controls. Even with fewer compartments, you can still fit different size pans and shelves behind the solid door. Get your heavy-duty, stainless steel prep table with adjustable shelves, sheet pans, and a lid that fulfills all your needs.

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