44-inch Pizza Prep Table

Is your pizzeria's kitchen low on space? The refrigerated 44-inch Pizza Prep Table and 6 pans offers your customers a wide selection of pizza combinations. Bottom refrigerator allows ample refrigerated pizza, sandwich and salad storage condiments. 60 inch Pizza Prep Table67 inch Pizza Prep Tables and 93 inch Pizza Prep Tables in-stock with Free Freight and Lift Gate. Is 44 inches still to big for your pizza kitchen? Then you may want to consider a 27 inch Sandwich Prep Table

Using a refrigerated food prep table for pizza and sub sandwich preparation is recommended. The having the pizza and sub sandwich toppings in dedicated 44 inch refrigerated stainless steel containers on the prep table helps your staff save time restaurants busy lunch, dinner, and the late night rush that many local neighborhood pizzeria's a bars last call. Many smaller pizzeria's find that 44 inch Pizza Prep Table or a 48 inch Sandwich Prep Table as the best solution for their crowded kitchen.