True Sandwich Prep Table

True Sandwich Prep Table

There has been quality control issues with True Refrigeration freight. We will no longer offer True Sandwich Prep Tables, but will continue to offer Atosa Sandwich Prep Tables.

When it comes to restaurant equipment for your sandwich shop or deli, having a sandwich prep table with the right features in order to get the job done. Some sandwich prep tables come with shelves or a built-in salad unit, while others have freezers, coolers, or are sandwich units with commercial refrigerators in the cabinet interior. A commercial refrigerator in your salad prep table or prep table for sandwiches can be a major benefit, since having a drawer for pre-sliced meats and cheeses can make it much more user-friendly to the employee behind the sandwich or salad prep table.

The true refrigeration stainless steel sandwich and salad prep tables come with poly food pans. The stainless steel top, front/sides, aluminum back, and stainless steel front are battle-tested for the busiest sandwich shops. True refrigeration sandwich and salad prep tables feature friendly r290 hydrocarbon refrigerant. This refrigerant works its way through the True Prep Table's capillary tube system to ensure that the salad unit or any other refrigerated drawers stay cool as you use the prep table.

All True TSSU-48-12True TSSU-72-18, and True Sandwich and Salad Prep Tables come with Free Freight and No Lift Gate Fees. You can purchase the True TSSU-48-12 on casters, too, so that you can move it around to better fit in your busy kitchen. With features like sturdy shelves and accessories like more poly pans, grills, and a removable cutting board, it's easy to see how the TSSU series is a great long-term investment for anyone looking for a sandwich or salad prep table that has great commercial use.

For food service professionals, caterers, or restaurateurs, make sure to check out our outstanding selection of restaurant equipment below. We offer a wide range of prep table refrigeration options and different size pans to ensure that you get great value from your sandwich or salad refrigerated prep table. With a labor warranty, serious quality control tests on all electrical components and the refrigerant condenser, you can purchase from us with confidence that our stringent quality control guidelines mean you'll get your prep table in good condition at a low price.

If you have any questions about the items below, feel free to reach out to our sales team, as we're always happy to talk to individual customers and provide additional information. We pride ourselves in offering our customers excellent customer service and would love to talk to other kitchen enthusiasts about which specific model is best for you.