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Commercial Freezer

Reach-In Freezers and Refrigerators

Commercial Reach-In Freezers and Commercial Refrigerator should be used whenever perishable products need to be stored, it is essential that they be kept fresh by means of refrigeration. For the restaurants, bakery and convenience store that purchase perishable food product and beverages in large quantities, it has been found both economic and sanitary, as well as a decided convenient, to have energy star rated solid door refrigeration for your foodservice operation.

Commercial Freezers

Commercial Freezer

Atosa Freezers

Before selecting a bottom mount compressor commercial freezer or for that matter, any piece of new or used restaurant equipment, study all of the available options and specification to consider how they may benefit you. For example bottom mounted refrigeration pulls cool air from the ground. Listed below is a check list of options for refrigerators and where applicable, for freezers.

  • Single upright door units may have full doors or half doors, either glass or solid. Other than the obvious advantage of glass doors for display case.

Merchandising Freezers

Merchandiser Freezer

True Refrigeration Freezers

  • Merchandising Freezers and refrigerators they can save a lot of time in searching for items with the door open where the unit may be used by different operators, waitresses, or bar staff. Split door freezers lose comparatively little in cubic content and can save in refrigeration loss as opposed to frequent opening of full doors.
  • Multiple solid door freezers, in addition to the above may have sliding doors. These are advantageous where commercial kitchen aisle space is limited but only one person can use a two door unit at one time. Solid Doors may be either right or left hand hinged. Be sure you order the best one to suit your purpose.

Undercounter Freezer

Undercounter Freezer

Energy Star Rated Commercial Freezers

  • Commercial Refrigerator commercial freezer combinations are available by special order in many configurations. Single width units may be over-under models with the commercial freezer either above or below the refrigerator. 
  • Some units have exterior thermometers as standard, others as optional.
    Interior lights are not always standard.
  • Atosa Freezers and True freezers are energy star rated utilize energy saving condensate evaporators and door defoggers which employ internal heat from the condensing coils.
  • Atosa and True freezers come with pre-installed casters are a convenient option to make kitchen cleaning easy.
  • In locations where height may be a problem units are available with the compressor mounted in the bottom using the lower portion of one section leaving approximately a 2/3 sized door in that section. The average overall height of these is 74".

Used Commercial Freezers

It is not recommended to use a residential freezer in your restaurant or used commercial freezer. Use of a residential coolers voids the warranty and risks closure by local health inspectors. Buying a used restaurant equipment can be somewhat a risky. There always seems to be a glut of used restaurant equipment for sale online, and for the budget minded restaurateur, the lure of almost new looking piece of restaurant equipment can be tempting. Usually the used equipment is sold "as is," with no warranty or possibility of a refund if it breaks down or needs repairs days after your purchase.

You never know when an older model is due for a major overhaul or has been removed from NSF approval status of the National Sanitation Foundation.

All NSF Rated Atosa Freezers come with a 2 year parts and labor warranty. All True Freezers come with 3 year parts and labor warranty. All commercial freezers come with a five year compressor warranty.