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Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight
Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight

Used Restaurant Equipment

Looking to sell your used restaurant equipment?

Tired of looking for a Used Stainless Steel Table, Deep Fryer, Refrigerator or Freezer on Craigslist?

The food service supply chain is starting to create restaurant equipment inventory issues. Please feel free to contact with your want list. I work with multiple distributors so I should be able to find you what you need at a fair price.

As you are aware, stainless steel and copper has increased dramatically from the beginning of the year along with many other major restaurant component part price increases. Order now before all Major manufacturers raise their prices.

Restaurant Equipment Financing

Used Restaurant Equipment

The romance of opening a restaurant, deli, bakery, cafeteria or buying a Used Concession Trailer attracts a diverse group of American entrepreneurs. Did you know that 90 percent of these new restaurants will go out of business within the first five years? This means that there will always, be a large selection of used ranges, ovens, sandwich prep tables, pizza prep tables, freezer, refrigerators, deep fryers, ice maker, kitchen equipment, stove, slicer, heat lamp, and various types of commercial kitchen equipment like ice cream equipment near me. For the budget minded independent restaurant start-up or frugal mom and pop restaurateur used restaurant supplies from a restaurant supply store like a used coke or red bull beverage merchandisers might seem like a wise choice if your short on funds or not adequately funded.

Restaurant Equipment Financing and Leasing

Restaurant equipment financing means that the restaurant will own their cooking appliances, but if it's obsolete at any point in time you can choose to purchase or lease new ones.

Are you short on funds? Well I can help you get the new and not used equipment you want today with financing and leasing to own. Why finance restaurant equipment? I can get you low monthly payments spread out over 12-60 months, no payments for 90 days so that you can earn money before its due, and 100% deductible according Section 179. Remember financing/leasing contract is not a maintenance contract for used restaurant equipment. The financing/leasing company is not responsible for making sure that the used equipment is working properly.

Bargain and Haggle

I sell new kitchen equipment at used prices and I am always happy to a bargain and haggle. Sometimes me and my customer are able to hammer out a deal and other times they buy from someone else. For me to take an offer there needs to be an incentive or less work for me. Yes, I want to help you with your restaurant start-up, but I cant sell restaurant equipment at a loss. How am I supposed to help the future restaurant start-ups if I take a loss. What can you the restaurant entrepreneur bring the table?

Will Call Pick Up is the best way to save money

Got a truck (everyone knows someone who has a truck) want to do a will call pick up? Well if yes, then I can definitely offer a discount. Please note that my warehouses have forklifts so there is no back breaking labor to load up a truck. You just need to bring straps to secure your load. Are you looking to 6-8 multiple units? Well if yes, then I can offer a discount and more than likely even get you free freight.

Scratch and Dent Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Do you mind a good condition scratch and dent? All you got to do is email or call/text 206-419-5801. From time to time a unit get a blemish or dent. The equipment works perfect and still has its full warranty coverage, but it's not that pretty and sleek showroom model. I might have a scratch and dent in one of the following warehouses spread out across the United States: Seattle, WA, Los Angeles CA, San Francisco CA, Orlando FL, Chicago IL, Denver CO, Dallas TX, Boston MA, Fairfield NJ, Atlanta GA, Houston TX, Dallas Texas Restaurant Supply, Cleveland OH.

Used Restaurant Equipment Near Me

Buying used equipment near me tends to also be a cash and carry experience. You will need to bring your own truck and enough people to haul off whatever you buy from someone selling on Craigslist or at a restaurant equipment auction. The Restaurant Warehouse offers free freight with lift gate to your restaurant door front or back. Please note that the address must be a zoned business address and not rural. Usually the used equipment or consignment for sale by owner on craigslist or from eBays extensive inventory has no warranty or possibility of a refund if it breaks down or needs repairs days after your purchase.

Used Commercial Food Service Equipment

The most brands reputable of new equipment are the following: Atosa Catering Equipment, True, Traulsen, Beverage Air, Turbo Air, Continental, Delfield, Vulcan, Hobart, and Hoshizaki. The commercial freezers, sandwich prep table and pizza prep tables are manufactured with the highest form of quality. Yes, commercial kitchen and undercounter equipment is designed and built to hold up to the rigors of a busy kitchen environment. Unfortunately, you never have any idea of how much the equipment has had routine maintenance and cleaning. This can cause unforeseen problems.

Used Sandwich Prep Table

Remember that many used true sandwich prep table are being replaced by energy saving models or no loses its NSF rating. Many older used restaurant equipment will lose their NSF rating because they are no longer easy to clean, and harbor bacteria in its corners or crevices.

Restaurant Equipment Repair Near Me

Is your used restaurant equipment broken? Well you will need to do all the leg work to get the unit repaired. This will involve contacting a local repair service that can fix your particular unit. Before they even come out you will need to give them your credit card information and pay a fee for them to come look at your unit. Do you live in a rural part of the United States? Well getting a service tech to come out with the correct parts to fix your unit can be a real challenge.

Used Pizza Prep Table

Buying a used refrigeratorfreezer, sandwich prep table or pizza prep table might be the biggest risk you can take. The condenser and evaporator coils on refrigeration units will build-up dust and grease. Without weekly routine maintenance, you’ll likely end up with a broken piece of equipment.

Used Commercial Freezer

Quite often the availability of service for used equipment is not up to par for the service you would receive for a new unit purchased under warranty. The minimum cost for a new compressor is $500 and that does not include your labor costs. The new and not used freezer, sandwich prep table or pizza prep tables offered by the restaurant warehouse are covered under its two year parts and labor warranty. Plus the units compressor come with an additional three years after the two year parts and labor warranty.

Used Restaurant Charbroiler Grill

Most used gas powered restaurant equipment are manufactured with the highest form of integrity. They are built to have a longer life of abuse and usage compared to a used refrigerator and freezer. Another issue with many used gas powered cooking equipment is the added bells and whistles and other various electrical components. Remember the extras always create possible repairs in the future.

Used Deep Fryer

A used 40 lb deep fryer can run between $500 to $1500 for a used pitco or frymaster gas fryer. Compared to a new Atosa deep fryer which sells for $778 with free freight. One of the biggest problems with used deep fryers is the cracked steel oil drum. This is caused by overheating a partially or empty fryer tank. Granted the tank is replaceable, but you will be spending more to replace the tank then it costs to buy a new deep fryer. Used electric deep fryers will need at some point will need to be rewired or have the cabinet or heating element replaced this alone costs as much as a new deep fryer. Atosa Deep Fryers tanks come with a five year parts and labor warranty.

Used Restaurant Griddles

Most sellers of used griddles, used charbroilers, and used ovens do nothing more than use some carbon cleaner to remove years of accumulated grease and maybe a wire brush to buff out the steel after it has been bricked. You will pay premium for any used unit that has been serviced by a trained technician. Used gas powered deep fryers, griddles, charbroilers, and ovens carry less risk than electric powered charbroilers, and ovens. Used griddles, charbroilers, ranges, and ovens are a safer buy compared to used ice machines and used refrigerators and freezers.

Used Restaurant Supply Smart Buys

Have you considered buying used restaurant supplies that has smallwares and no mechanical parts? You can save money on used dining tables and chairs. Just make sure that the restaurant supplies are rated for food service, screws and hardware were secure on them. Again, you probably should check that all your dining room equipment screws are secure every three months. Other non-mechanical items that you can save you money and give you years of trouble free service are the following: equipment stand, utility carts, storage bins, dunnage racks, wire shelves, micro wave shelves, pot racks, pans, stainless steel hand sinks with rounded corners, and stainless steel worktables that are no badly oxidized or rusted.

Used Small Wares and Kitchen Supplies

another money saver is buying either used or slightly small wares steam table pans pots kettles cooking utensils dishware can be bought on the cheap and never break many restaurants cringe at the thought of mixed and matched tableware sizes and patterns, but I always find the eclectic mix to be a refreshing change again it only breaks if you drop it.

Energy Star Rebate.

In conclusion running a restaurant isn’t cheap. It takes a lot of energy to keep the place going. Used restaurant equipment might be a cheaper purchase, but it’s not built by today’s energy-saving standards. That energy conservation saves you a great deal more over time, especially when it comes to refrigeration equipment which can be most taxing on energy. Plus, you won’t need to replace new kitchen equipment for many years. You can save up to $350 per unit, as most new Atosa units qualify for a Energy Star Rebate.

Restaurant Food Safety

Another thing to think about is how well used restaurant equipment was maintained. If there is buildup in the dishwasher lines from lime and grime, or the previous owners were not sanitary with refrigeration and cooling units, is that really the chance you want to take with your customers? Nothing will hurt a restaurant faster than an unsanitary review from the health department.

Restaurant Equipment Warranty

When buying new restaurant equipment, you’ll always get a warranty on the product. With used restaurant equipment, you might not be so lucky, especially if you’re buying it from someone selling it on the sidelines. If it breaks within a week, you’re out of luck. New restaurant equipment costs more than used restaurant equipment, but it works out cheaper in the long run because you don’t have added expenses of repairs thanks to it being out of warranty or damage that you didn’t think to look for when you bought it. Buy it new the first time and you’ll be up and running efficiently from day one.

Used Equipment Contact