True Refrigeration

True Refrigeration

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True refrigeration commitment to quality, durability and innovation is seen throughout their 60+ year history in the industry. They are a leader for high-quality commercial refrigeration equipment that offers value with performance through sustainable practices or filtered air systems which extend its life cycle by many years.

Every True unit comes with a full 7-year warranty on the compressor, regardless of the production date. Even though compressors are typically warranted for 5 years, we have decided to extend the length of the warranty to 7 years to show our confidence in the reliability of our compressors and to give you even more peace of mind when operating your True unit. With this extended warranty, you can be sure that if your compressor ever fails, it will be covered at no cost to you for 7 years from the date of installation.

True Freezers

The maintenance of used True Freezer equipment is often substandard to the maintenance that would be provided on a new True Freezer purchased with a warranty. The cheapest compressor available is $500 and does not include labor charges. When you purchase a new, unused freezer, sandwich prep table, or pizza prep table from a restaurant equipment supplier, you are guaranteed for two years against defects in parts and labor. Furthermore, the compressors come with an added three-year warranty after the two-year warranty has expired.

True Refrigerators

True reach-in refrigerators keep our product cold, and they’re beautiful; very sleek and very modern-looking. They’re very easy to service. They have a very large condenser, so they are very easy to clean and service. They’re very easy to use. They have an LED screen. They’re very easy to program, and they’re very reliable. They have a seven year warranty, so you know that you’re going to be covered if something goes wrong. They’re very energy efficient. They have a low-energy consumption, so they’re very environmentally friendly as well. They’re very easy to maintain, and they’re very easy to troubleshoot.

True Merchandisers

With its durable tempered glass construction, the door of this merchandiser is sealed tight against the elements, providing the utmost in product protection. The door's magnetic seal and high-performance sealant help to keep the cold in and the heat out, keeping your products at the correct temperature for maximum freshness. The unit's LED lighting produces the ideal brightness for showcasing your inventory, and its fixtures are removable for easy merchandising changes when inventory needs to be refreshed. These merchandisers are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your inventory needs, and they come with a standard two-year warranty.

True Sandwich Prep

With a variety of sandwich prep table sizes, materials, and configurations, there’s a sandwich prep table for every sandwich shop or restaurant. From high visibility front of the house locations to ghost kitchens, the True Sandwich Prep Tables are designed with features that improve sandwich prep efficiency and productivity. Stay organized and keep your inventory close at hand with a thoughtfully designed sandwich/salad prep table that meets your needs.

True Pizza Prep

Another added benefit of a True pizza prep table is that they are great for portion control. You can store your toppings in the door or drawer compartments and only make what is needed. This will help to keep your costs down and also stop the wastage of ingredients.

True Commercial Refrigeration

Atosa offers affordable commercial grade refrigerators that will work for your business. We offer high-quality, energy efficient refrigeration products that comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty and best of all, it's offered at used restaurant equipment prices. You can order your Atosa freezer with free freight, a five-year manufacturer warranty and save money.