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Atosa Refrigerator and Freezer: Cleaning the Condenser

Today, we will be discussing the significance and process of cleaning the condenser coil on your Atosa refrigerator or freezer. This is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it helps in conserving energy, reducing service costs, and prolonging the life of your compressor.

Before carrying out any preventive maintenance, it is essential to disconnect the power to your cabinet. The initial step is to identify the location of your condensing unit, which could be on the top, rear, or front of the unit. Once you have located the condensing unit, remove the front grill to access it.

After removing the grill, you will see the condensing unit and the condenser coil, which resembles the radiator in your car. Inspect it for any dirt or debris, and use a stiff nylon brush to remove any obstructions in a downward motion, always following the direction of the fins. If there is a significant amount of dirt, consider utilizing a shop-vac and shining a flashlight through the fins to check for any additional blockage. If everything appears to be in order, reattach the grill and start your unit.

For further information, refer to page 12 of the operation manual available on

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