48 inch Sandwich Prep Table

48 inch Sandwich Prep Table used in Sandwich Shops

Running a food establishment is all about multitasking - literally and figuratively. You need to equip your business with the right commercial kitchen equipment so that you can save time when it comes to food preparation and cooking. It's important for your success in the industry, which means finding accessories and prep tables that will help you out. When it comes down to looking for durable restaurant equippers, The Restaurant Warehouse has you covered by providing outstanding customer service while bringing high-quality products into play at an affordable price!

48 inch Sandwich Prep Table Mega Top

When you are running a kitchen, you have a lot on your plate, literally and metaphorically. You need a restaurant to equip and deal with the hustle and bustle of constant orders. The right commercial equipment like a regular or Mega Top Sandwich Prep Table for the kitchen can help you save time and labor warranty when it comes to food preparation and cooking. It can be complicated to continue running to the refrigerator or other parts of the kitchen to get one slice of cheese or condiment just to make one sandwich or prepare a simple dish. Efficiency is necessary for your kitchen, and you need the right accessories, work area, and prep tables to help you succeed. As you're looking for durable commercial kitchen equipment, The Restaurant Warehouse can help you get new equipment that will aid your restaurant while offering outstanding customer service.

27 inch Sandwich Prep Table

Make fresh deli sandwiches and chopped salads with a refrigerated prep table. Whether you run a small deli, salad bar, or cafe; a 27 inch sandwich prep table has the pan capacity make it easy to store ingredients and keep them at cooler, safe serving temperatures. With a wide selection of prep refrigerator cutting boards and accessories available, you can find the replacement parts and add-ons you need to make your sandwich prep table exactly how you want It. Be sure to stock up on other sandwich-making supplies like plastic food pans, casters, and squeeze bottles for condiments.

36 inch Sandwich Prep Table

If you're wondering where to buy commercial sandwich salad preparation refrigerators, The Restaurant Warehouse has a large selection of commercial sandwich/salad prep tables for sale at a low price for individual customers. It's easy to prepare delicious sandwiches, subs, and salads with these restaurant prep tables thanks to their various shelves and refrigeration equipment that can fit in the 48-inch sandwich prep table. Each sandwich prep table can store ingredients thanks to pan capacity and adjustable shelves while holding other bins and items behind the swing doors underneath. With handy features like drawers, food pan holders, and an attached cutting board, these prep tables and coolers are all-in-one stations for making custom subs, salads, and wraps. Every salad prep table comes equipped with removable aluminum hoods and lids, and some even have reversible self-closing doors.

60 inch Sandwich Prep Table

The Restaurant Warehouse prides itself in offering the best choice in 60 inch Sandwich Prep Tables, 72 inch Sandwich Prep Tables, and Pizza Prep Tables for your restaurants kitchen. As the largest online restaurant supply store, this site offers new and used equipment and wholesale supplies at the best price. You may even qualify for a full warranty or free shipping. Fast shipping is always guaranteed. From your sandwich or salad prep tables to freezers and commercial refrigerators to bar equipment to pizza prep tables to any other food service supply needs, we've got you covered.