48 inch Sandwich Prep Table

Make fresh deli sandwiches and chopped salads with a refrigerated prep table. Whether you run a dell, salad bar, casual restaurant, or cafe, prep tables make It easy to store ingredients and keep them at safe serving temperatures. With a wide selection of prep refrigerator cutting boards and accessories available, you can find the replacement parts and add-ons you need to make your sandwich prep table exactly how you want It. Be sure to stock up on other sandwich making supplies like plastic food pans, conveyor toasters, and squeeze bottles. If you're wondering where to buy commercial sandwich salad preparation refrigerators, we have a large selection of commercial sandwich / salad preparation refrigerators for sale at the lowest prices. Use a refrigerated salad prep table for speedy meal prep in your quick serve cafe! It's easy to prepare delicious sandwiches, subs, and salads with these restaurant prep tables thanks to their various compartments and ingredient bins. We have options In a range of sizes that can fit in compact spaces or span the length of a kitchen wall. Each sandwich prep table can store Ingredients on the top while holding other bins and Items In the cabinets underneath. With handy features like drawers, food pan holders, and attached cutting boards, these refrigerators are all-In-one stations for making custom subs, salads, and wraps. Every salad prep table comes equipped with removable hoods, and some even have reversible doors. You can also choose your unit based on the top style, so you can store your desired number of food pans.