Bar Refrigeration

Just as Britain took American blues and rock and roll and tweaked them to make the Beatles and Rolling Stones. American brewers today are doing something with beer. One example is the American Pale which is a highly hopped version of the India Pale Ale. Our selection of back bar coolers, bottle coolers, and draft beer coolers offers your restaurants customers a refreshing ice-cold pint, can, or bottle of pilsner on a summer day or a nice stout on a winters evening. 

There are few things in this world that pair better with food than an ice cold beer.  The profit margin on craft beer is much higher than on food, and alcoholic beverage sales can be so much more profitable than food sales, the greater the percentage of your total sales is from alcohol the better it will be to your bottom line.  If you can get your pizzerias economics and concept right, then a craft beers sales can contribute substantially to your restaurants success and profits. Good food will keep them coming back, but good craft beer will help ensure that you make a profit.