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With the best-in-class warranty of 2 years for parts and labor, and 5 years compressor, it's no wonder why Atosa freezers are a preferred commercial refrigeration choice. It is important to know that with this restaurant equipment company you will be able to get unmatched customer service. The most significant thing when buying a freezer is knowing which brand has your back in case something goes wrong with the unit or what kind of help you'll receive should anything happen.

Stainless Steel Commercial Freezer

The air can get very hot in a commercial kitchen so having an excellent refrigeration system is essential. This isn't just important for food safety. It also keeps the surrounding air much cooler because the air-cooled commercial freezers blow hot air from the freezer's condensers into the surrounding air.

Used Commercial Freezer

Restaurant owners have different choices in heavy-duty refrigeration units, depending on their specific kitchen setups. Top Mount compressor freezers are ideal in kitchen, bakery, or other foodservice operation environments that get very dusty from baking bread, cookies, pizza dough, or deep-fried breading. Dusty flour and steam laden oil can wreak havoc on the evaporator coils in Bottom Mount condenser appliances, causing you to spend more than necessary on commercial HVAC technicians.

However, did you know that the air on the ground of a hot kitchen is usually about 15 degrees cooler than the air in the rest of the room? This is why the Bottom Mount compressor freezer truly shines and makes it so efficient. The cooler ground air keeps the compressor at a low temperature naturally so that it uses less energy. You just need to make sure it's placed in a part of the kitchen that is far enough away from flour and oil that it doesn't become a problem. It is also critical that a commercial freezer has its fins cleaned once a month to keep it warranty-compliant.

Commercial Freezer Upright

Other types of freezers you might find in a commercial kitchen are chest freezers, glass door freezers, undercounter freezers, and worktop freezers. There are some pros and cons to each, but the one that's right for your foodservice establishment will depend on your particular needs. A countertop refrigerator or undercounter unit could be right for a small establishment that only chills beverages. This might be ideal for a small food truck business that has to pack a lot of other pieces of equipment, like microwaves, slicers, and griddles into a small space.

Commercial Freezer Chest

Chest freezers are also popular appliances in the foodservice industry. These are great for things like ice cream and pans of prepared foods. They usually have convenient compartments and lightweight lids for easy access. Many restaurants use these to keep many of their bulk items in stock.

Commercial Freezer Glass Door

Glass door units are another type of commercial refrigerator or freezer you'll see in food establishments. These can serve as display cases as well as essential food storage. Unlike solid door units, chefs are able to see what food products are available and what they need to restock. This can help reduce food waste and under-stocking.

Commercial Reach-in Freezer

Quality refrigeration equipment is possibly the most essential piece of restaurant equipment needed for food storage in grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, or other foodservice establishments. And while you will also need other restaurant supplies, such as racks, smallwares, prep tables, cabinets, and stainless steel work tables, it's important to keep accessories to a minimum. For example, instead of choosing a display freezer for its accessories, like ice dispensers, choose the commercial refrigeration equipment that best suits your needs and buy ice machines and other kitchen supplies separately.

These refrigerant units, as well as our other commercial refrigeration equipment, can make things convenient for anyone in the foodservice industry. They're equipped with items like drawers, user-friendly controls, and quality parts, such as coils, a gasket, turbo-air fans, compressors, and heating elements. As well as that, our years of experience have taught our sales team the importance of great customer service and competitive prices for all our friends in the foodservice industry.

Atosa Freezers offer peace of mind without sacrificing quality!