The air can get very hot in commercial kitchen. The air cooled freezers blows the hot air off the freezers condenser into the surrounding air in the room. Restaurants have two different choices on their freezer and it all depends on the kitchen set up. Top Mount compressors freezer are ideal in kitchen and bakery environments that get very dusty from the making breads, cookies, pizza dough or deep fried breading. Dusty flour on the ground and steam laden oil can get a bottom mount condenser freezer and reduce cool air flow thru the unit. This might not be an issue if you buy frozen pizza dough?

Did you know that the temperatures are ground air is cooler 15 degrees cooler in a hot kitchen? This is when the Bottom Mount compressor freezers truly shines and makes it a very efficient freezer. You just need to insure that it placed in a part of the kitchen that is far enough away from flour and oil. It is critical that a commercial freezer has its fins cleaned once a month.

When figuring out your freezer requirements, don't try to figure in your ice needs with it. Invest in a separate ice machine.