27 inch Sandwich Prep Table

27 inch Sandwich Prep Table

Sandwich Prep Table

1 Door Refrigerated Sandwich Prep Table

When it comes to kitchen equipment, there are a lot of things you need in order for your restaurant to succeed. The right commercial restaurant equipment can help save time and make food preparation go by quicker. It's confusing when one sandwich or simple dish is needed but the refrigerator or other parts of the kitchen have to be run back and forth from - that's not efficient! When looking for new equipment, contact us at The Restaurant Warehouse because we offer outstanding customer service with our various prep tables and accessories you may need. 

Commercial restaurant equipment can help save time and make food preparation quicker.

A cost-effective way to prepare sandwiches is with a Sandwich Prep Table from our restaurant equipment store. This table offers refrigeration and other storage space for your kitchen, as well as the most effective labor warranty in the industry. A salad prep table or sandwich prep table gives you everything that you need for top preparation of these foods by providing easily accessible work and storage spaces.

24 inch Sandwich Prep Table

Not having all the refrigerated toppings for sandwiches or salads in your food prep station wastes time and money. Having to run around for each slice of cheese or one item on the grill isn't feasible. Our 27-inch Sandwich Prep Table combines refrigeration equipment, coolers, cutting board space, and condiments into a durable model that allows you to handle more orders while saving both energy and time as well!

Small Refrigerated Prep Table

The Restaurant Warehouse prides itself on offering the best restaurant equipment. As the largest online restaurant supply store, this site offers new equipment at the best price. All orders qualify for full warranty and free shipping. Fast shipping is always guaranteed. From your sandwich or salad prep tables to freezers and commercial refrigerators to bar equipment to pizza prep tables to any other foodservice supply needs, we've got you covered.


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