• Atosa USA MPF8203 Stainless Steel Pizza Prep Table 93-Inch Three Door Refrigerator

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    Atosa USA MPF8203 Stainless Steel Pizza Prep Table 93-Inch Three Door Refrigerator

    93" Pizza Prep Table

    Atosa makes preparing pizzas fast and easy. These pizza prep tables have insert pans for ingredients like cheese, pepperoni, and onions. Each has a refrigerated section to keep ingredients cold and fresh and some are available with drawers for additional storage.

    Atosa Pizza Prep Table

    The commercial kitchen tables of Atosa are designed for customers who prefer quality products instead of replacing cheaper products again and again. The pizza prep table is one of the most used equipment when you prepare pizzas in hotels, restaurants or food bars. It is easy to handle and offers a finest work space you could find. The original stainless steel material is a huge plus when you buy an item from Atosa that resists against rust and corrosion.

    A must-have equipment for any kind of food services, which would be a perfect 2 in 1, is usually a functional cutting board work surface plus refrigerator to keep food un-wilted and enduring with easy-to-use development tools pre-set inside the product.

    Best Pizza Table

    The 93” pizza prep table provides a plenty of work space for convenient preparation of your signature pizzas. The basic structure includes a refrigeration base, a good amount of space for ingredient storage and a cutting board as work surface. The cutting boards in pizza table are usually narrower than sandwich/ salad preparation table boards.

    The shelves, wire shelves and food pans are easy to replace and adjust. Each pre-installed shelf has a capacity of 155 lbs. The food pans are quite enough to hold pizza toppings like pepperoni, green pepper, ham, sausage and cheese etc. These pans are finely arranged in a built-in rail. This rail is covered with a lid that protects the toppings inside pans from being hot. This feature of rail ensures the cleanliness and safety maintenance of pizza toppings for later use.

    European and Japanese technologies and parts are used inside the machinery. The compressor is Embraco Hallmark that features front breathing model. This type of model consumes less energy and thus lowers the expenses while quality is assured by Embraco. These compressors have vents in front of the unit and so, they can be easily built into pre-existing tables or counters to maintain an elegant look of kitchen. This compressor offers a warranty of 5 years, you can check warranty details at our website.

    Exterior and interior of refrigerator table is built with stainless steel. Fully functional door, well-fitted handle and lock, magnetic gaskets, shelves and round corners all around the table ensure proper handling and working. Safety and sanitation standards are approved by NSF. All the electronic parts are CE certified.

    When you purchase from Atosa, each refrigerator undergoes a 100% Run Test before shipping for complete satisfaction.

    • The Next Generation of commercial refrigerators offers a quality product at an exceptional value, that help operators of commercial kitchens and restaurants realize better bottom line results. Featuring a combination of distinctive American styling and sturdy construction for day-to-day use. Priced right, the unit is loaded with features to accent your restaurant or kitchen.
    • Quality products at an exceptional value, that help operators of commercial kitchens and restaurants realize better bottom line results.
    • The unit is an entry mid to mid level refrigerator featuring advanced European and Japanese technologies and parts. The condensers are from Denmark, controllers from Italy and EBM fan motors from Germany.
    • The refrigerator features a front breathing, side mount Embraco compressor unit. The patented Embraco compressor consume less energy and need less raw materials to be manufactured, while maintaining the quality that is Embraco hallmark.
    • The units Dixell digital temperature controllers feature the latest generation of microprocessors.
    • Exterior and interior stainless steel construction. Self-closing and stay open door. Efficient refrigeration system. Round corner design. Recessed door handle. Standard safety door lock. Magnetic door gaskets. Pre-installed castors. Pre-installed shelves. 155lbs loading capacity per shelf.
    • Engineered to ensure better food preservation in the hottest, most extreme commercial restaurant and kitchen environments.
    • Intertek ETL Listed and NSF compliant to North American product safety standards and required sanitation standards. All the electronic parts are CE certified.
    • Heavy duty, AISI high grade stainless steel interior and exterior. Better corrosion resistance than cheaper regular stainless steel refrigerators.
    • Two year parts and labor warranty. Five year compressor warranty.
    Atosa is dedicated to designing and professional grade stainless steel restaurant equipment. Tasteful and elegant for any kitchen. Ergonomic designed to complement your kitchen. The Traditional American inspired designed recessed door handles, rounded door edge, and the rounded interior corner are constructed for day-to-day use. The refrigeration systems matched and balanced oversized, high efficient compressor use of advanced technologies and components creates an environmentally friendly refrigeration system with shorter run times, lower energy consumption, and the coldest holding temperatures. The ozone-friendly and climate-friendly refrigerator uses CFC-Free refrigerants. Each unit is manufactured using a combination of high quality metals and international advanced technologies and components designed to optimize the units performance. Stainless steel exterior and interior with a galvanized steel back. Maximized and convenient storage capacity. A high density, CFC free polyurethane insulation for the entire cabinet structure and solid door. Providing unparalleled strength and rigidity. Each refrigerator come with three pre-installed heavy duty steel shelves that are manufactured to support 155 pounds per shelf. Food pans and wire shelves are interchangeable and adjustable. Each refrigerator has a 100% run test before releasing the unit to the customer. Prior to shipping, all Refrigeration units must pass an intense series of tests for a minimum run time of 24 hours. These tests include computer refrigerant charging and vacuum leak decay checks, helium leak detection, vibration noise level, visual examination and a temperature analysis.


    Exterior and interior stainless steel construction. Pre-installed stainless steel food pan. Heavy duty Embraco compressor. Self-closing and stay open door. Efficient refrigeration system. Round corner design. Recessed door handle. Standard safety door lock. Magnetic door gaskets. Pre-installed castors. Pre-installed shelves. 155lbs loading capacity per shelf.


    Refrigerated Reach-In Pizza Prep Table, three-section, self-contained refrigeration, 26.0 cu. ft. capacity, includes (12) 1/3 stainless steel pans, 33 degrees to 38 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range, (3) locking hinged self-closing doors, (3) adjustable shelves, ventilated refrigeration, automatic lighting & evaporation, air defrost, stainless steel interior & exterior, galvanized steel back, casters, side mounted refrigeration, backsplash, 650 watts, 115v/60/1-ph, 7.7 amps, 2/3 HP, cETLus, ETL, CE.


    40.7(h) x 93(w) x 33(d) Inches.

    Spec Sheet

    Spec Sheet Atosa USA MPF8203 93-Inch Three Door Pizza Prep Table

    Flipping A Pizza Prep Table - Is a matter of using clean pans to make sure nothing goes to waste.

    Pizza Prep Table

    Are you a restaurant owner looking for a large and multipurpose Stainless Steel Pizza Prep Table? If you are, Atosa 93" Pizza Prep Table is your best bet. This kitchen appliance built from premium high-quality materials which make it versatile, sturdy, and durable and not only fits your business needs perfectly but also useful in a modern home.

    This must-have restaurant appliance come with heavy duty embraco compressor which performs exceptionally well in all working conditions and can also save up to 40% energy. It is not noisy, and its vibration levels are significantly lower. It has 12 stainless steel food pans which can effortlessly be used with owithout worrying about warping. On top of that, its containers or pans have double reinforced corners which protect the part of the product that handled most.

    Not only that, this top-rated Pizza Prep Table fitted with a three-door refrigeration system that holds three adjustable shelves for a weight capacity of 155 lbs each to hold bulk amounts of toppings and dough ingredients. The interior of this contemporary machine is stainless steel and lined with a layer of polyurethane for added insulation. The doors are thick enough to help keep the fresh air insulated, and each come built with magnetic gaskets and safety locks which are intended to safeguard refrigerator contents and control access to foods.

    In addition to its perfect features, Atosa 93" Pizza Prep Table has a simple recessed pull door handle allows doors to slide in front of objects without getting hung up on anything and is also straightforward to clean. These doors are also user-friendly, ergonomically designed for ease and feature self-closing option.

    Besides, Atosa 93" Pizza Prep Table has a Dixell controller which is the most prominent selling controller used by professionals for refrigeration applications. This Dixell temperature controller helps to control water temperature and water differentials while also maintaining product temperatures of 320F - 380F.