Food Truck Equipment

It’s finally happening. America has woken up to the food truck craze, with trucks popping up all over the country.

From the humble beginnings of selling plastic-wrapped sandwiches and bland coffee, food trucks have come far. Today these mobile eateries feature a wide variety of unique offerings — from freshly caught seafood to gourmet burgers or vegan desserts!

You can find them Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland in parks, outside of offices, or even at sporting events. Many up-and-coming chefs are taking their years of traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant training to the streets and striking out on their own.

The rise of the craft beer industry has led to the development of new food offerings. One of the most popular pairing is that of craft beer and gourmet food trucks. The food truck provides customers with an alternative to traditional fast food while complementing the craft brewery’s beer selection.

The rise of the food truck is a sign that people want more choice when it comes to where they eat. The industry has been growing at an annual rate 15%, compared with around 5% for casual dining restaurants.

The food truck industry is on pace to double in size over the next decade, according to Technomic.

Barely two decades ago, there was only one way to dine out: head downtown or go somewhere else entirely if you lived outside city limits- but not anymore! These days we have all sorts of options available thanks in part from innovative entrepreneurs who've found success catering their services just right for every taste bud imaginable

Cooking with propane deep fryer, griddle, and char-broiler offers lower energy costs than electricity, more precise heat control, and long-term installation savings. With the right supplies, you can increase your food trucks profits by cooking on propane.