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Refrigeration slows the bacterial action by lowering the food temperature to the point where bacteria is grown poorly. Freezer compartment temperature is low enough to stop bacterial action at room temperature. The refrigerator and freezer decreases the chemical activity so that foods do not develop rancidity and other off flavors. Refrigerating beef reduces the rate of aging and freezing beef further slows the chemical activity of aging.

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When purchasing a new refrigerator unit, consider the following features important to your refrigerators and freezers sanitation: Refrigerators and freezers used in a foodservice facility must be NSF Rated commercial foodservice equipment. Refrigerators and freezers home appliances or French door refrigerators purchased at Best Buy or Costco are not designed to hold the volume of food that can be stored in a foodservice refrigerator. The mechanical capacity of the family hub home-type refrigerators or freezer is usually lower than that of foodservice refrigerators. Also, most foodservice refrigerators and freezers must have forced-air cooling fans to keep the compressor working. Few home models have this feature. The total capacity of refrigeration and freezer units must be adequate for the needs of the foodservice operation. Lack of sufficient refrigerated food storage space promotes improper practices. It discourages frequent cleaning, slows cooling of foods, and allows moisture buildup. Breakdowns are more frequent with overloaded food storage equipment. Refrigerators must meet the minimum temperature requirements for the foods they are expected to hold. If temperature varies in different parts of the refrigerator, only foods to be held within the temperature range of the part should be stored there. Meat should be stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator and eggs in a slightly warmer part. Ideally, separate refrigerators in a range of sizes like a 48 inch under-counter compact refrigerator, 48 inch sandwich prep table with drawers, or 67 inch pizza prep table should be available for different food types.

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All stainless steel surfaces of the unit should be made of easily cleanable materials. All shelves inside the cabinet should be removable without tools so that the unit may be easily cleaned on a regular basis. Interiors should be free of sharp edges and tight-places where harmful micro-organisms may lurk on a old refrigerator. Refrigerator and freezer surfaces and finish should resist corrosion, chipping, and cracking. Otherwise, loose particles may end up in stored food. Coils should not be in such a location that condenser might collect and drip into fresh food. They should also be located so food-contact surfaces are protected. Drains, except those for condensates, should not be located inside the refrigerator cabinet. Reach-in energy star rated refrigerator should be sealed to the floor or elevated six inches off it so as not to harbor vermin or allow dirt to accumulate. Units mounted on a masonry or curb base designed for that purpose are also acceptable, as are units with casters, as long as the unit itself is six inches off the floor. Walk-in units should be sealed to the floor and offer no access to moisture or vermin. The floor panels should be of heavy-duty material. Floor materials should be chosen to withstand heavy impact if that is a frequent concern. Walk-in units mounted on a specially designed base are acceptable as long as the bottom of the refrigeration and freezers unit is six inches off the floor. All refrigerators are energy star rated condenser which lowers increases your profits and lower energy consumption.

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When you buy a new refrigerator, you probably want it to last as long as possible. Unfortunately, refrigerators require maintenance to keep them running efficiently. Atosa has a few maintenance tips that can help keep your refrigerator and freezer temperature running for years to come.

With proper maintenance, refrigerators can last up to 20 years. However, things like dirt, dust, and grime can clog the internal filter of your refrigerator. This can prevent the cooling unit from functioning efficiently, increasing energy costs. A clogged filter can also cause the unit to break down sooner.

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