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Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight

Atosa Refrigerator and Freezer Operating Instructions

Atosa Refrigerator and Freezer Configurations


Atosa Refrigerator and Freezer ConfigurationsAtosa Refrigerator and Freezer Operating Instructions

  1. New upright air-cooling Atosa refrigerator and Atosa freezers should be opened and ventilate it before it is deployed for use in your restaurants kitchen. After that, use warm water to clear the inside of the unit.
  2. After connecting your restaurant equipment power supply press the POWER switch on the controller keyboard (Green Indicator Light ON), the Atosa unit will come to work. The microcomputer controller, installed in the controller keyboard, could automatically adjust the temperature ranges. The intelligent digital controller works as: if the temperature increases and reaches set point plus the differential the compressor started and then turned of when the temperature reaches the set point value again.

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How to Determine Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer Storage Space

Youtube videos available for Atosa Refrigerator and Freezer Set Temperature

Atosa Microcomputer

Microcomputer Controller Instruction:

SET to display target set point, in programming mode it selects a parameter or confirm an operation.

Microcomputer Controller Instruction:

Press the Snow Flake Button (upper left) To Start Manual Defrost

PRESS UP ARROW BUTTON located in the upright hand corner. In programming mode it browses the parameter codes or increases the displayed value.

PRESS DOWN ARROW BUTTON located in the lower right hand corner. In programming mode it browses the parameter codes or decreases the displayed value.



PRESS BOTH THE SET AND DOWN ARROW BUTTONS TOGETHER. To return to room temperature display.

How to see the point.

Push and immediately release the SET BUTTON, the set point will be showed. Push and immediately release the SET BUTTON or wait about 5 seconds to return to normal visualization.

How to change the setpoint.

Push the SET key for more than 2 seconds to change the Set point value. The value of the set point will be displayed and the celsius or fahrenheit LED starts blinking.

To change the Set value push the UP or DOWN ARROW buttons.

To memorize the new set point value push the SET buttons again or wait 10 seconds.

How to manual defrost

Push the SNOWFLAKE button for more than 2 seconds and a manual defrost will start.

How to change a parameter value

To change a parameter value do the following:

Enter the Programming mode by pressing SET AND DOWN ARROW buton for 3 seconds. Celsius or Fahrenheit LED lights starts blinking.

Select the required parameter. Press the SET key to display its value. Use the UP and DOWN ARROW button to change its value.

Press SET to store the new value and move to the following parameter.

To exit: Press SET with the UP ARROW button or wait 15 seconds without pressing a key.

NOTE: The set value is stored when the procedure is exited by waiting the time-out to expire.

To lock keyboard

Keep pressed the UP and DOWN ARROW buttons for more than 3 seconds.

The OF (which means OFF) message will be displayed and the keyboard with be locked.

If a key is pressed for more than 3 seconds the OF message will be displayed.

To unlock the keyboard

Keep pressed UP and DOWN ARROW buttons together for more than 3 seconds the keys till on ON message will be displayed.

Alarm Signal

Atosa Refrigerator and Freezers Alarm Signals

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