Determining Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer Space

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Not sure what size Atosa refrigerator or freezer to buy? Here are some things you should consider when making your decision.

Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer for Sale

A lot goes into selecting the right commercial refrigerator and commercial freezer solution for your restaurant, and one important factor is how much space they'll need! Too small and you run into refrigerator and freezer storage problems; too big will just waste energy as well as money on equipment that doesn't fit where it's needed most in your restaurants kitchens.

Commercial Refrigeration Space

Many theories and methods have been explored over the years to calculate the amount of storage space required for a food service operation. None of these were practical because of the number of factors that had to be established relating to space needs. With the advent of total convenience food service, con­ventional theories had to be changed to accommodate the increased importance of freezer space.

Commercial Refrigeration Storage

Although there are no specific "rule-of-thumb" formulas to follow, one idea that has persisted equates refrigerator needs with the number of meals served. This formula provides 1 cu. ft. of refrigerated space per person per meal. How­ever, this method has its limitations: luxury restaurants may require more space, whereas schools and short menu establishments need less.

The following basic factors enter into the calculations of storage space re­quirements: type of menu, number of items on the menu, anticipated volume, future expansion and frequency of deliveries (urban vs rural locations). Another item is the cost reductions given by purveyors if deliveries are less frequent.

Commercial Refrigeration Style

Commercial kitchens are often very hot. In order to avoid temperature fluctuations, it's important for the refrigeration system in your kitchen be efficient and keep those surrounding air cool with an excellent cooling capacity A great way of doing this is by using Atosa Freezers and Atosa Refrigerators that have been outfitted with special systems designed specifically for hot kitchens.

In addition to the above, ideas must be postulated concerning the rapidly ex­panding convenience food market. Introduction of new items is being stepped up; the market is becoming saturated with new and novel food concoctions. This puts a burden on existing storage space. In addition, purveyors will periodi­cally feature a special, run a sale, or reduce prices on volume purchases. To take advantage of these offerings space must be available to receive and properly store this merchandise.

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