40 Pound Deep Fryer

Deep-fried delicacies are the name of our game. We make you a frymaster with the Atosa commercial deep fat fryer that can easily handle anything you throw in there, from corn dogs and mozzarella sticks all the way down to your favorite fried chicken recipe!

A tube-style frypot has, as its name suggests, a series of tubes running through the oil near the bottom. These welded into this pot and house gas fired 34,000 btu burners for natural gas and 30,000 btu burners for liquid propane. Liquid propane are a great choice for food trucks. Under them because they're submerged in hot fat with even heating capabilities thanks to large transfer areas that allow more energy efficient use since there's less loss from going up the fryer hood or being lost by off gassing during cooking.

Tube-style frypots are the most versatile item of busy commercial kitchen commercial floor fryer available, making the best choice for operators who need to cook different products. The large cold zone can hold high-sediment foods like breaded fish, shrimp and cheese sticks while helping prolong oil life in your dish! However - if you don't clean this pot often enough then there may be some build up which makes life more difficult when trying reach those hard spots.

40 pound deep fryer

Atosa Commercial Floor Fryer

The standard commercial 40 pound deep fryer and 50 pound deep fryer have instant recovery features which increases productivity particularly during peak business hours. The Atosa Commercial Deep Fryer Fryers have heavy duty burners, standby pilots, 200°F- 400°F btu heating tubes temperature range, self-reset high temperature limiting device, safety valve, (2) nickel plated fry baskets with coated handles, wire mesh fry baskets, crumb screen, basket hanger and a oil cooling zone seated in the bottom of the tank. If you are located in a metropolitan area, a 75 pound deep fryer along with these extra features are usually beneficial to the higher volume restaurants or food trucks. Extra special liquid propane deep fryers are available with no assembly or conversion from natural gas necessary.

Commercial Fryer

You name it - we can fry it. And your commercial deep fryer may become the biggest money-making commercial kitchen products you own. From latkes and funnel cakes to mozzarella sticks, delicious french fries, onion rings, shrimp, asian food dishes and anything else that needs that perfect crisp, this handy tool can easily make you a fan favorite in your City. Just load up with fresh oil, and give any burger restaurant, fish fry, or any fried chicken joint in town, for that matter. The world’s your oyster, just batter and season appropriately. manufacturer's warranty five year stainless steel fry pot warranty. 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Natural Gas and Propane Commercial Deep Floor Fryer Features:

  • Stainless steel body structure, durable material, corrosion resistant and easy to wash.
  • Simple and reasonable structure, easy to manipulate and maintain.
  • Heavy Duty Burners, with a stable flame, standby pilots.
  • Safety valve with Automatic voltage stabilizing function.
  • Self-reset high temperature limiting device.
  • Nickel plated baskets/includes wire mesh crumb screen.
  • Adjustable stainless steel legs
  • Oil cooling zone seated in the bottom of the tank, to avoid the influence of food residue.
If you're looking to get the best taste and perfect frying results with a commercial fryer, we have what's right for your needs. From gas models that can reach higher temperatures, work efficiency and recover quickly from frying cycles in less time than their electric counterparts.