Broilers are classified as equipment that utilizes intense radiant heat for rapid cooking of foods. The two common types are the overhead broiler and the underfired broiler. Other types of specialty broilers and combinations are available. Broilers are available in either natural gas, propane gas, or electric models. Overhead Broilers Heavy-duty overhead broilers have a large grid area and are equipped with large burners for fast broiling. They may be used individually or incorporated into a heavy-duty range section. Three common methods of incorporating the broiler into the range section are: Having the broiler at the same height as the range tops Having the broiler as an integral unit with an overhead oven that is heated by the burners in the broiling compartment Having the broiler mounted on a conventional range-type oven with or without an overhead oven

Salamander Broiler

Salamander Broiler

A small broiler referred to as a salamander can be mounted above the top of a heavy-duty range or above a spreader plate as part of a back-shelf assembly. The broiling capacity of the salamander is not as great as that of the regular overhead broiler. It is primarily used for small operations with light broiling loads or as an auxiliary broiler during off-peak hours in larger operations when the main broiler is not in use.

Modern overhead broilers, usually will heat to broiling temperatures in a short time and have pull-out grids for easy loading and unloading. Adequate venting of broilers is required to remove smoke and odors Underfired Char Broilers Char broilers use pieces of ceramic or other refractory materials to form a radiant bed above the burners. The food items are placed on a grate located directly above the radiant bed. While cooking, the juices from foods drip directly on the hot bed and burn, which gives the typical charcoal flavor and appearance. Since a great deal of smoke is given off by char broilers, they must be used under an efficient exhaust hood.

Char-broilers are available in 24 inch, 36 inch and 48 inch natural gas and propane gas sizes that increase the grid area for high-capacity broiling.