Natural Gas Deep Fryer

Natural Gas Deep Fryer

Heat recovery time is very important when deciding on your busy commercial restaurant, fast food restaurant hamburger restaurant or sandwich shop considering a tube floor fryer. Heat recovery time is the time it takes for the oil to return to optimum cooking temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit after frozen or cold food is dropped in to be cooked. The heat recovery time for the stainless steel commercial gas and food truck tube floor fryer offered for sale are under two minutes or less. This means the foods get crispy and don't absorb the oil and become soggy and greasy. Many restaurants consider gas burners and fryers a essential kitchen tools and are diversifying cafeteria food items and profiting with an offering of deep-fried jalapeno peppers with cream cheese, beer-battered onion rings, buffalo wings, chicken wings, funnel cakes, fried mushrooms, French fries. and fried mozzarella sticks.

Commercial Deep Fryer Buying Choices

  • Atosa ATFS-40 floor fryer 40 pound oil capacity natural gas floor fryers-102000 btu minimal space
  • Atosa ATFS-50 floor fryer 50 pound oil capacity
  • Atosa ATFS-75 floor fryer 75 pound oil capacity 

Gas Deep Fryer

The commercial gas fryer is the perfect replacement to slow countertop electric fryers, countertop fryer used in busy high-volume diner business or commercial kitchen. It's durable, efficient and easy to use! You can cook up all your favorite foods with this tube floor fryer - including funnel cakes that are sure put a smile on every face at your restaurants next party or catered event. With two large cast iron burners which heat evenly for velvet browned results; you'll never want anything else in regards. Commercial deep frying provides an even distribution of oil across food making fried goodies crispily delicious.

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Atosa's selection of specialty fryers is NSF Rated for food service by intertek group underwriters laboratories. This guarantees that it meets the highest standards in safety and quality, which will lead to a more enjoyable experience at your restaurant!

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