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Filing Cabinet

Keep your modern office desk clutter-free with our locking file cabinet. Store and organize all your important documents in one sleek and minimalist design.


Filing Cabinet
If you adore your current desk but find yourself in a bind when it comes to storing paperwork without creating a cluttered desktop, consider incorporating this locking file cabinet into your setup. By doing so, you can maintain the sleek and minimalist appearance of your modern office desk while still having a designated space for all your important documents. This particular 3-drawer pedestal file cabinet is equipped with low set casters, making it an ideal choice for busy workers who are constantly on the move. The casters enable employees to easily maneuver the cabinet closer to their workstations, allowing them to keep an eye on their incoming emails while simultaneously accessing their files.

In addition to its mobility, this modern mobile file cabinet offers two utility drawers that are perfect for stashing small office supplies such as snacks, writing utensils, vitamins, and other essentials. Meanwhile, the hanging file drawer provides ample space for letter-sized documents as well as legal-sized papers stored horizontally or vertically using the conversion bar. To help you stay organized and ensure that all your supplies are neatly stored away, this cabinet also includes a convenient pencil tray which can be used in either of the two utility drawers.

For added security and peace of mind, two keys are included with this locking file cabinet so that you can keep them separate or provide one as a duplicate key to your assistant if needed. The smooth surfaced drawers not only offer clean sightlines but also prevent handle screws from loosening over time - providing you with a worry-free solution.

With hidden side handles that make opening and closing the drawers effortless and seamless storage options at hand - organizing your office space has never been easier!

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