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Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight

About The Restaurant Warehouse

The Restaurant Warehouse

A Revolution in the Internet Food Service Industry

The word revolution generally refers to a sudden and dramatic upheaval or sharp change in direction. If we apply this definition to the character of the public feeding industry we can then bring into focus the situation as it exists today.

The internet revolution of the 1990s did not occur overnight; many decades passed before the internet was readily accepted. Internet payment technologies like Square Payments coupled with facebook, twitter, yelp and the gig economy food delivery services caviar, door dash, grubhub, uber eats, and postmates have become "co-workers" of the independent restaurateurs, without supplanting them to the larger fast food and fast casual chains, as so many mom and pops restaurants had once feared.

A parallel exists with the present transition of the food service industry. As evidenced by customers' ever changing tastes and demands, restaurant traffic and delivery, government regulations, increases in minimum wage and a high effective tax rate, the food service industry has evolved significantly, especially within the last 10 years.

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To overcome these seemingly constant changes, The Restaurant Warehouse stays ahead of the trends that are influencing the industry, while also offering restaurateurs restaurant equipment and solutions to successfully meet the trends heads-on, The Restaurant Warehouse prices are below food service industry pricing. Why are The Restaurant Warehouse prices so low? The question should be - Why are some of my competitor's prices so high? Most of my competitors market their products with salesmen or affiliate schemes that drive prices up drastically. If a company pays out 20 to 50% commissions to it’s salesmen that would double or in some cases triple the cost of their products.

The Restaurant Warehouse finances restaurant equipment for the world’s premier manufacturers of commercial refrigeration products for the food and beverage industry like Atosa Refrigerators and True Refrigeration, and have studied the sandwich prep table, pizza prep table, Ice Machines and Bar Refrigeration and commercial refrigeration specifications to offer you correct restaurant equipment for your restaurant or food truck.

We are a profitable restaurant equipment start-up and not a rapidly growing corporation. We have positioned the company to provide competitive pricing, overall value, and a broad product line. The Restaurant Warehouse is becoming many restaurants first choice for food safety and and energy efficiency.

The Restaurant Warehouse was built by Sean Kearney to be one man start-up armed with a lap top, excel spreadsheets, an iPhone, iPad, secure Wifi, cloud servers, free marketing via social media compliments of Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

The Restaurant Warehouse is a marriage of e-commerce and social networking. The Restaurant Warehouse is an e-commerce company that displays it’s product offering across online channels including Google, Social Networks, Restaurant Equipment Blogs and e-mails.

I feel it is my fiduciary duty to be profitable to ensure I will be around for the long term to continue to support my customers, but I also feel it also important to offer my customers ongoing support for their business. I am not running a company that needs to invest profits in technology. The companies that I am partnered with are all pay on performance companies that have invested heavily and continue to invest in technology. Their job is to bring customers to my products and to keep my customers data and information secure.

The profit margin I make is well below the industry standard, but I am able to grow with low overhead as I sell direct via the internet, and pass the savings on to our customers.

The Restaurant Warehouse is a privately-held Seattle, Washington company with an innovative approach to online marketing, drop shipping, retail fulfillment, and customer service.

The Restaurant Warehouse was launched on September 1, 2015 by veteran employee Sean Kearney, The Seattle-based company provides customers with superior customer service and great values for their commercial restaurants. Driven by the development and execution of new retail marketing initiatives, The Restaurant Warehouse goal is to develop a substantial share without adding salesmen commissions to it’s markup.

The Restaurant Warehouse is spread across a dozen plus warehouses in the USA.

The Restaurant Warehouse is owned and operated by Sean Kearney. Sean Kearney is a 1993 graduate of the University of Washington, where he obtained a BA in business and marketing while playing on the Huskies football team as a linebacker. He developed an interest in sports medicine and herbal supplements while employed by General Nutrition Centers from 1993 to 1995. He worked for from 1998 to 2001, rising to become an event marketing manager after two years performing customer service duties. Subsequent to his departing Amazon, he started a online retail company focusing on health and wellness, which he subsequently sold.

If you would like further information about our products and services or an opportunity to engage Sean Kearney, please feel free to email or call/text me directly on my cell phone 206-419-5801.