Atosa Sandwich Prep Table

Atosa Sandwich Prep Table

Pizzas, sandwiches, and salads are generally prepared to order, and their preparation usually requires a great deal of handwork. Therefore, the goal is to assemble all ingredients and equipment so that your motions will be quick and efficient as possible at the the time of the final assembly. Because each menu and food service operation has its own requirements, there is no real correct station setup, but there are a few basic guidelines.

Prepared ingredients. All sub and sandwich ingredients should be cooked, mixed, sliced and prepared ahead of service to facilitate quick, efficient assembly at service time. So, before service, slice meats, cheeses and vegetables, clean and dry lettuce and other fresh vegetable ingredients, blend the flavored spreads, and mix the bound salads. Arrange and store ingredients in your sandwich salad prep table. Arrange all sandwich ingredients within easy to of the work area. Cold items must properly refrigerated at all times. Under-counter refrigeration can be used for backup supplies and less frequently used ingredients. Sliced meats, cheeses, and vegetables must be covered to prevent dehydration or contamination.

Salad Prep Table Five Year Warranty

Many ingredients can be pre-portioned, either by weight or count, then wrapped in individual portions for storage. Select and arrange new equipment equipment. Even the most simplest menu requires the use of basic sandwich, pizza, and salad making tools such as spatulas, spreaders, portion scoops, knives, and cutting boards. The right sandwich, pizza, and salad making tools permit quick handwork and avoids delays or cross-contamination.

All Atosa stainless steel sandwich and salad prep table come with the following accessories epoxy shelves, stainless steel pans and pre-installed castors. All casters are five inches.

All new equipment come with Free Shipping. 5 year compressor warranty. 2 year labor warranty and 2 year parts warranty.