93-inch Pizza Prep Table

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Atosa Pizza Prep Tables and Atosa Sandwich Prep Tables refrigerated preparation units feature high quality construction and provide effective cooling solutions for any food preparation need. The unit interiors and exteriors are constructed from the finest NSF Rated series stainless steel. One inch thick insulated lids, 2.5 inch thick foamed-in-place high density polyurethane insulation, and environment-friendly refrigerant ensure a safe and efficient cooling system. Another benefit of Coldtech self-contained systems is the direct and uniform airflow that keeps all stored products at even temperatures. The best value in the industry. In-stock in the USA for next day delivery to your restaurant.

Cleaning and Maintaining Prep Tables

Flipping the pizza prep table,, make table or a sandwich and salad prep table</a> is a matter of using clean pans to make sure that nothing goes to waste. This helps to increase your restaurants profits and reduces spoilage. Another part of flipping the make table is to make sure that no dirt or grim builds up on the the table at any time. The training of your staff on the proper flipping of the pizza prep table takes only a few moments and it should be down each night of the week.

The NSF Rated stainless steel hotel pans that are used to flip the pizza prep table and sandwich prep table are the same size as the ones already on the table. The pans are pulled from the table, and one by one their ingredients are poured into new containers. A label is then marked on the side of the container to help keep track of how long the ingredients have in the make table. If a product is expired, it is to be tossed and new ingredients placed in the new container instead.

If during the day an ingredient is used up and needs to be refilled is is to be done with a new container and label. That assures new ingredients will not be contaminated by old or expired food. Flipping the the new pan at the end of the day is still needed to assured that the pans are cleaned.

Once all the pans are cleaned and before they are put back in the pizza prep table, the space containers go into must be wiped down and cleaned. Make sure that you get out any leftover food particles, especially in the fan area. Replace the dividers with clean ones, and then clean the lid and the shelves of the pizza prep table. Once all of this is done, put the pans back into the make table.