True Pizza Prep Table

The Pizza Prep Table is also called the make table or a makeup unit and are designed to make easier for the line cooks to produce pizzas without running to reach-in to obtain product. You want to set up the pizza prep table so that pizza going done the line towards the oven. You will start with the area which you will either roll out dough or prep the dough for sauce on a pizza pan. This will also be where your container of flour is at. From there you will have where your sauce container is for saucing your pizzas. In the pizza prep table you should have cheese, pepperoni, sausage, beef, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, chicken, black olives, green olives, jalapenos, banana peppers, and pineapples. Under-counter refrigeration can be used for backup supplies and less frequently used pizza ingredients. Think of your pizza prep table as an assembly line that involves cooks and servers working in unison to place, prepare, and serve/deliver orders in a timely fashion.

Used True Pizza Prep Table

The Restaurant Warehouse offers new True Pizza Prep Tables watch out for Used True Pizza Prep Tables they do not come with the three year parts and labor warranty and five year compressor warranty.