Prep Tables

Increase your restaurant kitchen work and storage space, efficiency for prepping and assembling and reduce cross-contamination with designated food prep tables. NSF Rated stainless steel work tables are heavy duty and durable. Many stainless tables used by kitchen and food establishments are typically 14, 16 and 18 gauge. These stainless steel tables are intended for repeated and hard use are often very large and deep, which calls for a thicker stainless steel. The prep table stainless steel can withstand corrosion from most oxidizing acids. The T-430 18 gauge stainless steel work table durability makes it easy to sanitize, and therefore ideal for restaurants and other commercial applications. If you had two identical prep tables, one 16 gauge and the other 18 gauge, but the 18 gauge sink was much more expensive, I would recommend the 18 stainless steel gauge prep table. There is no noticeable difference between the two gauges, however at the same price range, the thick 18 gauge is better.