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Bissell BigGreen Deep Cleaning Machine

Bissell's BigGreen deep cleaning machine offers a convenient and efficient user experience. Begin by thoroughly vacuuming the desired area. Detach the dirty water tank from the upper portion and lift the clean water tank from the machine's base. Proceed to transport the clean water tank to a sink. Proceed to fill the tank with hot tap water up to the indicated water line. Finally, add two cap-fulls of Bissell solution.

There are several options available to meet your cleaning requirements. After that, swap the tanks, ensuring that the dirty water tank is securely positioned on the clean water tank, and you are all set to begin cleaning!

To begin, activate the machine and adjust the handle to a reclined position. Depress the trigger and proceed with a deliberate and steady motion in a forward and backward direction across the designated area. Upon completion of the first pass, release the trigger and repeat the same deliberate forward and backward motion to effectively extract any remaining soiled water from the carpet. It is crucial to ensure that the area is not excessively saturated.

The machine's flow indicator ceases spinning to indicate the need for more water and solution. Dispose of the dirty water tank's contents into the sink and replenish the clean water tank with additional water and solution as needed.

After completing the cleaning process, it is important to empty and rinse both the clean and dirty water tanks before placing them back onto the machine. Additionally, inspect the brush roll located at the bottom of the machine for any dirt or debris.

Looking for a quick, easy solution to deep cleaning? Try out Bissell's BigGreen deep cleaning machine.

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