Worktop Refrigerators

The worktop refrigerator or worktop freezers, averages 39 high including castors. The undercounter refrigerator is designed to fit under existing work tables. The tops being sheathed with metal in the same manner as the sides. The worktop refrigerator comes with back splashes, and standard right or left swing, doors, and casters. All refrigeration units vary considerably in design and size. some manufacturers use as little as 12 inches of width for compressors while others occupy up to 24 inches. These variances are most important when you are comparing bid prices and particularly when the unit must fit in a tight space. The three popular sizes are the 27 inch worktop refrigerator, 48 inch worktop refrigerator and 60 inch worktop refrigerator. Many chefs and restauranteurs think they need a worktop refrigerator, but actually need sandwich prep table that offer refrigerated condiment shelves at the rear and refrigerated storage below. For more assistance selecting restaurant equipment or for prices, call us at 206-419-5801 or send us an email at