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Superbowl Sunday

Some certain foods go hand in hand like; the jelly and peanut butter for instance. You know Super Bowl Sunday is indeed an excuse for eating and drinking way too much and above normal.

Super Bowl Sunday is a highly anticipated event for sports bars all across the United States. Has your staff been working tirelessly to prepare for the big day, especially when it comes to their most popular item - chicken wings.

The atmosphere at every bar on Super Bowl Sunday is electric, with fans filling up the bar and glued to every TV in the corner. But it's not just the game that draws people in, it's also the food and drink specials. Many bars and restaurants offer $2.00 domestic drafts, including popular brands like Coors Light and Miller Light. They also have $9 micro brew pitchers and a famous food special like 60-75 cents wings.

Here are some of the best football foods that can be served during the Super Bowl.

Meatballs; when you have hot meatballs often spiced with flavor, is undoubtedly a great deal during a football game. These meatballs can be served with spicy sauce as well and because a sauce is always a welcome addition to any football game. Meatballs only need a toothpick to eat it.

Pizza; pizza, of course, is a generally acceptable food anywhere. It can either be ordered or made. But people often don’t go through the stress of making from the scratch as they prefer ordering. And so pizza is a great idea if you want to keep the guest happy. Different people for different pizza toppings but whenever you mention pizza, trust me, there’s always merriment!

Nachos; this is always a good call during a football game. Nachos, when smothered in melted cheese goes along with tortilla chips. Also, it is top notch when you combine Nachos with some jalapeno peppers and some ground beef. And it is called a winning dish when it’s served with some guacamole and sour cream to go with. I just drooled on myself typing that.

Steak Tips; when you don’t overcook your steak tips, and you make sure it passes through the marinating process (that is, soaking it overnight), then you will definitely be making someone’s day when it’s time to eat!

Pulled pork; guys would typically save this good for the super bowl as one would need time to devour this one. Although it takes a while to cook pork, but it’s certainly worth it when it gets done especially when cooked rightly. Meanwhile, before you serve it, you will need to serve it alongside with sauce or coleslaw, it is definitely a blast!

Ribs; when you decide to save these beauties for Super Bowl, it is understandable because Ribs always makes an exception when served on the game night. Ribs are quite special in football games especially when they are cooked just right, served along with its sauce and there you go!

Sausages and Hot Dogs; these beauties are certainly hard ones to miss. I mean when you go with a hot and sweet Italian sausage that is sautéed with peppers and onions topped with little extra cheese, wrapped in a fresh hoagie bun. Goodness! One could go crazy with those, and I mean crazily impressed.

What no hamburgers? Well you can have a hamburger any day of the week. Lets try to stretch our pallet this Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl Sunday is a major event for sports bars. The preparation and dedication of you and your staff ensures that your customers have a memorable experience filled with delicious food, refreshing drinks, and an exciting atmosphere.

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