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Food service and cooking: Dixell is equally competent in the field of cooking, just as it is in the field of refrigeration or blast chiller processes used in freshly-cooked food conservation. Dixellโ€™s solutions to the recent introduction of food hygiene regulations (HACCP) offer immediate advantages in commercial restaurants.

Setting the temperature on your Dukers and Atosa Refrigerators and Freezers

Press SET button for 1 second. The temperature value will start blinking after a few seconds.

Increase or decrease the value with the UP and DOWN ARROW buttons.

Press SET button to confirm the new temperature.

Manual Defrost

Press DOWN ARROW button for more than 3 seconds.

How to Change the Temperature Difference "OT" Refrigerators & Coolers

The "OT" setting on your Dixell Controller, provided in your Dukers and Atosa Freezer unit, will dictate your temperature difference on the unit. If the monitor reads 39 degrees the inside will show a difference 3 if the "OT's" setting is set to 3. The temperature difference will also be shown on the inside of the unit if it is 3 degrees below the monitor is 39 degrees, meaning the inside shows a temperature difference of 3 degrees if the temperature difference is set at 3 degrees.

Change the "Low Setting" Refrigerators, Freezer and Coolers

"LS" will set the lowest temperature allowance on your Dukers and Atosa unit. Dixell monitor is provided in every Dukera and Atosa Refrigerator, Freezer, Sandwich Prep Tables, and Pizza Prep Table. It will be changed to the lowest temperatures on your unit. We will be changing the "LS" on your monitor to set the temperature allowance.

Change the Highest Temperature Allowance Refrigerators & Coolers

Changing the "US" setting will lower users dictate the maximum temperature allowance. This means the units cooling system will begin at the selected temperature. Changing the 'US' setting means the unit cooling system begins at the chosen temperature. Dixell controller is provided in every Dukers and Atosa unit.

Change Fan Control Settings on Dixell Controller Refrigerator & Coolers

Learn how to change the Fan Control Settings on your Dukers and Atosa Appliance Refrigerator, Freezer or Cooler. Changing the "FC" setting will either allow you to keep the evaporator fan running or both evaporator and condenser fan to be kept on simultaneously even during defrost. We will be taking a look specifically at the "OY" setting which will only keep your evaporator running. To access the main frame by holding down the two bottom buttons, labeled "SET" (on the right) and " AUX" down arrow" ( on the left)

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