Los Angeles Restaurant Equipment

Los Angeles Restaurant Equipment and Supply

When it comes to the sheer number of food trucks, L.A. has the most in the country.

We support these small, scrappy operations, and we’re proud to be a part of the restaurant startup scene here in L.A. - the entertainment capital of the world. Because let’s face it: The Los Angeles area knows food, from unbeatable tacos and wood-fired California pizzas to ramen, sushi, donuts, burgers, tamales, bakery and so much more. Plus there’s L.A. Restaurant Week, which attracts foodies from all over the globe. Most cities can’t compete with the kind of flair, culture, and style that L.A. brings, especially to its food.

So it goes without saying that if you’re going to compete as a chef or restaurant owner in this city, you need every advantage you can get. If you can’t supply quality food and keep overhead costs down on small wares and disposal you’re in big trouble, because there will always be someone around the corner ready to take your restaurant business. Luckily, we’re here to help you fend off the competition.

Restaurant Supply Los Angeles

Whether you’re setting up shop for the first time or your selecting kitchen supply or replacing some outdated related equipment, you need to save money - but that doesn’t mean you should settle for used appliances. You deserve better. You deserve equipment you can trust.

And with used equipment, there are no warranties, rebates, or guarantees - just a whole lot of questionable options in the form of vague Craigslist ads or sketchy websites. And replacing old worn out parts yourself? Chances are, you don’t have the time. You’re probably already working 12-hour days, sometimes more.

That’s why we’re happy to offer you the lowest prices around on stylish new restaurant equipment, and with guarantees on all of our products.

How do we do it? Most outlets offering new equipment market their products through high-rent showrooms or affiliate schemes that drive up the price dramatically. And many of our competitors are paying 20% - 50% commissions to their sales teams, which means that their prices can be double - even triple - what we offer through our lean process.

Restaurant Equipment Financing

Restaurant Equipment Financing

With The Restaurant Warehouse Los Angeles Restaurant Equipment, food service professionals can expect:

  • Free delivery
  • No lift gate fees
  • Available financing for purchases over $1,000
  • No lofty down payments required (so you can start cooking today)
  • Best prices and no Chefs' Toys overhead or middleman to cut into your savings

So what kind of Los Angeles Restaurant Equipment. Their elegant, stainless steel appliances (including refrigerators, freezers, pizza prep sandwich prep tables and more) combine distinctive American styling with heavy-duty construction built for intense day-to-day use. These professional-grade units are ergonomically designed to compliment any kitchen, with sleek-looking frames, recessed handles, and smooth, rounded corners. And it gets better:

Competitive Prices Plus You can also save up to $350 per unit, as most qualify for a Energy Star Rebate.

For example, the Atosa USA MBF8003 Upright Three Door Freezer and Atosa USA MBF8504 Bottom Mount Compressor Three-Door Freezer come with a $350 Energy Star Rebate. Here are a few other units that will qualify you for a rebate:

Southern California Energy Star Rebate Resources

Why else do we prefer Atosa?

Every unit is built using high-quality metals, along with internationally recognized advanced technologies and components designed to optimize the units’ performance. These advances result in shorter run times, lowered energy costs, and the coldest holding temperatures. Not to mention the high-density, CFC-free polyurethane insulation makes these some of the most climate-friendly refrigerators on the market.

Each refrigerator has a 100% full run test before leaving the factory. Prior to shipping, all units must pass an intense series of tests for a minimum run time of 24 hours. These tests include computer refrigerant charging and vacuum leak decay checks, helium leak detection, vibration noise level, visual examination and a temperature analysis.

Bottom line? These are some of the most trusted pieces of equipment on the market, and you won’t find these prices offered anywhere else. (Go ahead and do a search, we’ll wait…)

And if we’re totally honest, we don’t usually do business with the Michelin-star rated restaurants. We’re here for the scrappy startups, the San Dimas food trucks, and the humble Hawthorne kitchens who need to save a few bucks so they can focus on quality ingredients.

If that sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place.

You can start making money off of these products before even making your first payment. We offer free delivery, and not only that, but our founder, Sean Kearney, is available to answer your emails, phone calls, or texts - morning, noon or night.

Email us at therestaurantwarehouse@gmail.com, or feel free to call/text (206) 419-5801 with any questions or concerns. Otherwise, feel free to start shopping! We know you’ll find the right piece of equipment you’ve been looking for, and at a price you won’t find anywhere else.

Because having an appliance break down in your kitchen can be devastating. Take comfort in the fact that you have a trusted outlet offer competitive price on brand new equipment that’s under warranty, looking sharp, and built to last. You focus your energy on supplying the best food around - while we supply the quality equipment to get it done.