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Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight
Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight

Pittsburgh Restaurant Supply Companies

Pittsburgh Restaurant Equipment

Pittsburgh was recognized as one of the top-10 food destinations by BBC Good Food in 2019, making it the only U.S. city on the list. Additionally, in 2015, Zagat, the trusted restaurant review source, crowned Pittsburgh as the "No. 1 Food City" in the United States. As of May 10, 2023, these accolades still hold true.

Pittsburgh is renowned for a range of reasons, such as our sports teams, distinctive yellow bridges, and iconic rivers. Furthermore, our culinary scene is receiving acclaim. When you're in Pittsburgh, be sure to discover these special food items that are one-of-a-kind to the city known as the Steel City. 

Primanti Brothers is a famous sandwich in Pittsburgh that has become an iconic symbol of the city. One cannot talk about Pittsburgh cuisine without mentioning the delicious pierogis, which are a staple in the local food scene. Another comfort food that Pittsburgh is known for is haluski, a dish that brings warmth and satisfaction. If you're in Pittsburgh, you shouldn't miss out on trying the unique chipped-chopped ham. It's a dish that you won't find anywhere else. Kielbasa, a flavorful Polish sausage, is also a popular choice among locals and visitors alike. For something truly unusual, you have to try city chicken, a dish that is unique to Pittsburgh. Lastly, the Pittsburgh Salad is a must-try. It's the city's signature salad and a true representation of the local flavors.

Restaurant Equipment Financing

The Restaurant Warehouse Pittsburgh

The Restaurant Warehouse is your one-stop shop for all of your commercial kitchen needs. We offer a wide variety of products from affordable to high-end items that will suit the needs of any business. If you are looking for an upgrade or need some new stuff, we have it all! Contact us today to find out more about our low prices and how we can help you.

Pittsburgh, a city with a rich and fascinating past, boasts a cuisine that is as distinctive as its culture. Reflecting the diversity of its population and influenced by Eastern European immigrants, African-Americans, and its industrial heritage, Pittsburgh's food offerings span a wide range. Whether it's sandwiches, salads, or noodles, the Steel City has something to satisfy every palate.

Pittsburgh has gained recognition for its culinary scene, offering a blend of rustic and traditional cuisine. The city's food culture is a testament to its diverse population, incorporating influences from Eastern European immigrants, African-Americans, and other cultures. Additionally, Pittsburgh's industrial background has left its mark on its gastronomy, evident in iconic dishes such as the Primanti Brothers sandwich and city chicken. Sampling the local fare is an essential part of experiencing the city's culture. The food in Pittsburgh can be categorized into various types, including sandwiches, salads, and noodles. The city is renowned for its classic sandwiches like the famous Primanti Brothers creation, as well as its distinct salads such as the Pittsburgh salad. Noodle dishes like haluski and kluski also enjoy popularity among residents and visitors alike. These culinary delights are a reflection of the city's vibrant cultural heritage, making them a must-try during a trip to Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Food Truck Scene

Pittsburgh is home to an impressive array of food trucks. The definition of the "best" truck varies depending on your specific needs, such as finding a fantastic lunch option or a truck to cater your wedding. To discover the top food trucks, visit our dedicated Pittsburgh List page. For those seeking food trucks that excel in catering, the following five trucks are the most frequently booked on Roaming Hunger: Vagabond Taco, Revival Chili, Shannon Sweet Stop, Cool Beans Truck, and Caustelot Creamery..

Pittsburgh Restaurant Equipment

If you're looking for the best in restaurant equipment, restaurant supplies, catering supplies, or kitchen supplies, you've come to the right place. We have an extensive list of NSF rated for food service freezers, refrigerators, sandwich prep tables, pizza prep tables, griddles, char-broilers, and deep fryers that will meet your needs and save you time and money. Whether you're a food truck just starting out and need restaurant equipment financing at low monthly payment or are a seasoned veteran, we have everything you need at competitive prices.

Restaurant Equipment Near Me in Pittsburgh

When it comes to the restaurant business, The Restaurant Warehouse wants to make sure that you are fully prepared. We offer competitive pricing on kitchen and restaurant supplies, equipment, and other hospitality items. From small restaurants in the suburbs to regional chains with locations in Rural America, Downtown, or Mainstreet USA we will be there for you!

Used Restaurant Equipment Near Me in Pittsburgh

Of course, buying used restaurant equipment might not be an option for you - there are no warranties, no rebates, no guarantees, and a whole lot of questionable options in the form of vague Craigslist ads or sketchy websites. That’s why we’re happy to offer you the lowest prices around on stylish new and not used restaurant equipment with parts and labor guarantees on all of our products.

Used Restaurant Equipment Pittsburgh

How do we do it? Well, most Pittsburgh, PA restaurant equipment stores and suppliers offer new and used restaurant equipment marketed through high-rent showrooms or affiliate schemes that drive up the price dramatically. And many of our competitors are paying 20% - 50% commissions to their sales teams, which means that their prices can be double - even triple - what we offer through our lean process.

Craigslist Pittsburgh Restaurant Equipment

Since our website launch in 2015, The Restaurant Warehouse has enjoyed serving the Pittsburgh and Southwest Pennsylvania commercial kitchens, bakeries, and delis with low prices.

The Restaurant Warehouse Pittsburgh and Southwest Pennsylvania.

  • Free delivery and Fast Shipping to your restaurant, coffee shop, bar or grocery store.
  • No lift gate fees
  • Available financing for purchases over $1,000
  • No lofty down payments required (so you can start cooking today)
  • And no overhead or middleman to cut into your savings

Commercial Restaurant Equipment 

Every unit is built using high-quality metals, along with internationally recognized advanced technologies and components designed to optimize the units’ performance. These advances result in shorter run times, lowered energy costs, and the coldest holding temperatures. Not to mention the high-density, CFC-free polyurethane insulation makes these some of the most climate-friendly refrigerators on the market.

Each unit has a 100% full run test before leaving the factory. Prior to shipping, all units must pass an intense series of tests for a minimum run time of 24 hours. These tests include computer refrigerant charging and vacuum leak decay checks, helium leak detection, vibration noise level, visual examination and a temperature analysis.

Bottom line? These are some of the most trusted pieces of equipment on the market, and you won’t find these prices offered anywhere else. (Go ahead and do a search, we’ll wait…)

And if we’re totally honest, we don’t usually do business with the Michelin-star rated restaurants. We’re here for the scrappy startups, the noble food trucks, and the humble kitchens who need to save a few bucks so they can focus on quality ingredients.

If that sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place.

You can start making money off of these products before even making your first payment. We offer free delivery and not only that, but our founder, Sean Kearney, is available to answer your emails, phone calls, or texts - morning, noon or night.

Email customer service at, or feel free to call/text (206) 419-5801 with any questions, concerns or a hood quote. Otherwise, feel free to start shopping! We know you’ll find the right piece of equipment you’ve been looking for, and at a price you won’t find anywhere else.

New restaurant equipment can help make the process of opening and running your restaurant more efficient, helping you focus on what really matters - the quality of the food. Whether it's a brand new kitchen stove or commercial freezer, all of our equipment is built to last, under warranty, and ready to be shipped out to you today.