Atosa ATFS-40 40 Pound Deep Fryer

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Atosa Deep Fryer

The Atosa ATFS-40 is a high-performance thermostat with a temperature from 200 ° C to  400 ° C that maintains excellent temperature consistency throughout cooking process. It features an imported Robert Shaw thermostat. A commercial natural gas deep fryer with 40 pounds of oil capacity and a high quality thermostat that maintains selected temperatures of 200 to 400 degrees Celsius.

Propane fryers are perfect for commercial use such as restaurants, campsites, fast food stalls, snack bars and food trucks. With enough power to fry a variety of popular starters and appetizers such as fries, onion rings and hot wings, the deep fryer has a robust stainless steel and galvanized outer skin that withstands the daily newspapers. It is equipped with 3 high-performance burners optimized for high gas efficiency, and a standby pilot for quick ignition.

Commercial deep fryers are cooking devices for frying food for use in commercial kitchens and restaurants. Whether you operate a bar, kitchen, concession stand, food truck or reusable deep fryer, gas, electric or open fryer, the standard sizes for fryers range from 12 inches to 18 inches wide, large fryers range from 18 inches to 24 inches wide, and models for countertops or floors.

Our Atosa fryers are efficient and reach high temperatures fast. Find out how you can make your food prep run smoother with this fryer.

Commercial stainless steel deep fryers natural gas is a must for commercial kitchens. Gas-powered deep fryers account for much of the high demand among food giants because commercial deep fryers are easier to repair and parts are easy to get. A gas deep fryer is made of stainless steel and is able to cope with the rigors of heavy commercial cooking.

Find durable yet affordable deep fryers from Atosa. From gas to propane, find the right one for your kitchen. Try it now!

You should look for a countertop fryer that suits your cooking style. Electric and gas-powered deep fryers have baskets with which kitchen staff can lift the food and clean the cooking oil after cooking. The deep fryer can be lifted high enough to stay in place and drain excess oil from the fried food.

Gas deep fryers make it quick and easy to prepare your favorite fried foods such as donuts, deep-fried Oreos, onion rings and roast chicken. With an open pot, this bottom model gas deep fryer is perfect for cooking foods with low sediment, such as French fries. When fried food is in demand on the menu in your restaurant, this model is a reliable cooking station for chips, chicken strips, onion rings, fish and other fried favorites.

Find the Atosa deep fryer that suits your needs. We have gas and propane models for those who need more flexibility.

The ATFS-40 has a stainless steel front that can be used to hang the fryer baskets. This special model supports natural gas and includes two nickel-plated roasting baskets. The Deep Fry Atosa Fryer surrounds your fries with beer batter, shrimp tempura batter or simple chicken flour oil.

The main advantage of a commercial electric deep fryer is that it tends to lose less heat than a gas fryer largely due to the heating element immersed in the oil, resulting in a faster heat recovery time between the fryer cycles.

The device temperature can range from 200 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. High-quality thermostats, including the Atosa ATFS 75 Heavy Duty Fryer, monitor the temperature. Atosa Cookrite ATFS 40 deep fryers are equipped with a thermostat that maintains a selected temperature.

The device is economical and flexible for the catering trade. Dine-out companies know how important it is to have a reliable deep fryer in a busy commercial kitchen.

The Restaurant Warehouse are suppliers of top quality deep fryers. Discover the Atosa deep fryer, which offers efficiency and high temperatures in restaurant kitchens.

The Atosa ATFS 40 Heavy Duty Deep Fryer has a stainless exterior and interior finish and is a durable finish. Create fried foods with a crispy brown exterior and a spicy interior. Prepare a solution and use it as a clean cloth to wipe the surface of the Atosa ATFS-75 75 is high performance 75 pound stainless steel deep fryer.

The front hook provides a convenient way to place the two nickel-plated wire mesh baskets in a special, cool hand coat that ensures safe use and removes the hot items from the oil after frying. Fried food is a staple of the food industry due to its popularity and profitability.

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