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The first step towards a successful restaurant is knowing what you're getting yourself into. Researching and assessing the risks involved will help ensure that your venture has as much likelihood of success as possible, so don't dive headfirst and shelling out your hard earned cash on restaurant equipment without doing some due diligence!

What equipment do I need for a restaurant?

You should always ensure that the equipment you buy complies with all applicable safety standards. These include UL, NSF, Intertek and American Gas Association (AGA) guidelines as well as fire codes set by local governments in each US state or territory where it may be used.

If you are thinking of opening a new restaurant, there's so much that needs to be considered. One important part is making sure your kitchen has all the right equipment for daily operations and success! A great starting point would be looking at other restaurants in similar spaces as yours - what do they use? What works well with their style or cuisine preferences...and then adapting these ideas into your restaurants brand identity going forward.

Menu choices are important when it comes to choosing your restaurant's equipment.

This list of essential heavy duty restaurant kitchen equipment offered by Atosa Catering Equipment. This is a great starting point for any new or upcoming business. You’ll find all the basic items you need to run your commercial restaurant.

What are the examples of food service equipment?

Commercial Refrigeration and Ice Machines

Restaurants relies on its refrigerators and freezers to keep food fresh, so your restaurant can't afford an unreliable residential appliance. NSF Rated and Energy Star Rated Reach-in units and a 48-inch Sandwich Prep Tables offer quick access for inventory management while a under-counter refrigerator and freezer provide ample space without taking up too much countertop room or installing expensive plumbing fixtures like water lines that might be difficult if not impossible at all times due to accessibility issues with built in kitchens today! And don’t forget about ice machines: they're essential when serving high profit margin acholic serving drinks.

Restaurant Ranges, Char-broilers, Griddles and Hot Plates

The gas range with a griddle on top and oven underneath used in today's commercial kitchens are versatile, providing food prep for breakfast burritos or steak fajitas. The griddles can be used to make pancakes, hamburgers, and hot dogs with ease while also being able bake and cook multiple servings.

Deep Fryer

A 40 pound deep fryer commercial fryer is an essential component of any restaurant or food service company's kitchen. Without them, French fries couldn't be cooked in the manner that made them popular; doughnuts would never brown on their exterior; mozzarella sticks and fried chicken won’t get crispy enough. A high-performance Atosa commercial fryer ensures that all food items are cooked evenly and tasting fresh each time they leave the kitchen.

Prep Tables

The best restaurant kitchens are designed to create an easy flow and efficient use of space, allowing staff to move around, prep food, and restock as needed so that guests never experience a delay in service. With every aspect of your restaurant’s kitchen layout thought out and intentional, you can increase your efficiency, decrease waste, and ultimately save money on your operational costs.

This is where an efficient restaurant kitchen layout comes into play.

In the kitchen, you will see all of the equipment and prep tables that are used to prepare the food. You will be able to see how the flow of the restaurant works and how the staff communicate to get things done. You might even get a chance to try your hand at a few tasks.

How much does it cost to buy a restaurant?

The cost of a new restaurant equipment can vary depending on the type and quality. A general rule-of thumb is that you should expect to spend between $40,000 - $200,000 for high end commercial refrigeration.

Restaurant equipment financing hedges against business risk and preserves working capital.

The Restaurant Warehouse has competitive restaurant equipment pricing with free freight and warranties because it does not rely on salesmen or affiliate schemes that drive up the restaurant equipment price tag dramatically.

What are commercial kitchen equipments?

The design of Atosa NSF Rated food service equipment has become an important factor in ensuring safe and sanitary conditions for restaurants customers. Use of residential or older used restaurant equipment can lead to contamination from harmful compounds that leach into your menu offering.

The following brands are the most reputable for new commercial kitchen equipment: Atosa Catering Equipment, True, Traulsen, Beverage Air, Turbo-Air, Continental, Delfield, Vulcan, Hobart, and Hoshizaki. The reason why these companies come out on top is because they make sure that each piece of their product comes with an extended warranty, and meets high standards before releasing it into production; this includes both maintenance needs like cleaning or routine checkups as well as durability in handling heavy loads every day without breaking down.

Restaurant Equipment Near Me

The Restaurant Warehouse recognizes that not all restaurant owners can afford to wait on special orders for restaurant equipment, commercial refrigerators, and deep fryers and have created a In-Stock Program designed to fill emergency quick-ship requests. It involves having the most popular models and styles of restaurant equipment in stock so they'll be available for shipment from 12 different warehouses within 48 hours or less.

The COVID-19 pandemic, re-opening of restaurants, and challenges in the foodservice equipment supply chain has created longer than normal lead times. Please contact us regarding availability and alternatives.

Used Restaurant Equipment

When purchasing used restaurant equipment inspect it and make sure it is still easy to clean. Follow the same cleaning rules as you would when cleaning any other type of food service equipment. Be cautious of buying used restaurant equipment many units are no longer NSF certified, as this could put your both your business and customers at risk.

We do not recommend this type of used restaurant equipment for your business.

However, if you are looking for a true sandwich prep table or undercounter ice machine that is easy to clean and maintain, then you might want to consider a new 72 inch Atosa Sandwich Prep Table or Hotel Ice Machine.

Restaurant Equipment Rental

Section 179 is a tax deduction that allow you to deduct the full purchase price of restaurant equipment purchased or financed during the tax. You can deduct the full price of any restaurant equipment you purchased or leased to own from your restaurants gross income.

Why rent when you can lease to own.

Renting restaurant equipment is not considered a business investment. You are simply borrowing the restaurant equipment from someone else and will not qualify for a Section 179 tax break.

Restaurant Equipment Supply

Residential microwaves are convenient and can be used for many purposes, they’re not suitable for commercial use. Household microwaves are not NSF certified and are not approved for use in commercial establishments where food is served. Household microwaves will work for warming up coffee or soup, but they may not be suitable for other commercial purposes. As with any other piece of restaurant equipment, it’s important to maintain your microwave to keep it in good working order and reduce the risk of it causing issues for your workers or guests.

Restaurant Equipment Store

Atosa Restaurant Equipment has been manufacturing high quality, commercial kitchen equipment for more than 40 years. Their equipment is designed and manufactured to meet the rigorous demands of the hospitality industry and the high standards of quality in food safety and sanitation. With customers around the world, Atosa and their cookrite, mixrite, and prepal brands are dedicated to providing exceptional service and support, as well as continuous innovation to meet the needs of all their customers, big and small.

We maintain a strategic inventory of restaurant equipment that can be purchased and shipped quickly as needed.

We keep our restaurant customers happy by providing the products they need, when they need them. With our advanced inventory management system, we can track every product in real time to ensure timely delivery. As one of the largest suppliers of foodservice equipment and supplies, we offer the best prices in the industry, and we maintain a vast inventory of products.

Restaurant Equipment for Sale

Hi, my name is Sean Kearney. I'm the founder of The Restaurant Warehouse and we're a full-service restaurant equipment company that provides commercial chefs with quality supplies at great prices to make their restaurants run more efficiently - without breaking your budget! For questions about kitchen tools or service contracts please contact me by phone at (206) 419-5801 OR email: