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Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight
Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight

Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant Equipment

Your business is too important to chance it on used restaurant equipment, sandwich prep tables and used true pizza prep tables. And whether you own a big restaurant, a humble kitchen, or a brightly themed food truck, it’s your livelihood, and far too important to gamble with, especially with the rise of instagram influence on where we dine. You’ve got enough on your plate with health codes, regulations, an unhappy chef breathing down your neck - not to mention the fierce competition, sourcing and the pressure on your personal recipes to deliver the big flavors and hearty meals that can make your restaurant a social media star. Besides, you’re probably a small and scrappy operation; just trying to carve out your niche in the ever-expanding restaurant and social media ecosystem. And you’re looking to make a deal, because let’s face it, being in the food business ain’t cheap. And with all the hard work and long days you’re putting in, you just don’t have time for hidden charges, shady fine print, babysitting deliveries, or having equipment suppliers blowing smoke. You need equipment that works, meets health code, and won’t be a pain in the ass to purchase - and that’s where Atosa USA come in. Other companies expect you to foot the bill for their middleman and overhead, or take on all the risk with used equipment (that’s been around the block a time or two). But we know that unless it’s a cast iron skillet that’s been passed down in your family for generations, used equipment just doesn’t feel the same, and it can be less reliable too. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing new restaurant equipment for used prices. How are we able to do that? By being like all true successful entrepreneurs - absolutely direct. Here’s how we can give you the upper hand with solid equipment that let’s you focus on the food. With The Restaurant Warehouse you can expect: Free delivery and No Lift Gate Fees.

Restaurant Equipment Finacing

Restaurant Equipment Financing

Available financing for purchases over $1,000, No Lofty Down Payments Required, Get your equipment now, and start paying small, manageable amounts. No bs, no overhead, and no middleman.

Restaurant Equipment Warranty

All of our refrigerators, freezers, pizza prep tables, sandwich prep tables come with a 2 Parts and Labor Warranty. Plus an additional 5 Year Warranty on all compressors. (And you’re not going to find warranties with most sites offering used equipment - just shoddy units and probably some shady characters to match.)

Sandwich Prep Table

Sandwich Prep Tables

Here’s how our equipment is a class above: Pizza Prep Table and Sandwich Prep Tables Professional Grade Stainless Steel Built for your cities iconic Pizzas, Hot Dogs, and Italian Beef. Includes cutting boards and heavy duty stainless steel anti-jam pans (not that cheap plastic stuff!)

NSF Rated Restaurant Equipment

Energy Star Rated Refrigerators and Freezers Constructed for day-to-day use and ergonomically-designed with recessed door handles, as well as rounded door edges and interior corners (aka pain-free) Environmentally-friendly system with shorter run-times, lower energy consumption, and coldest holding temperatures.

Food Truck

Food Truck Equipment

Save space with our selection of under-counter units (perfect for food trucks) All electronic parts are CE certified Intertek ETL Listed and NSF Compliant propane gas powered Griddles, Char Broilers, Deep Fryers. Lower costs with our wide selection of natural gas and propane units. All come with 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty along with a 5 Year Warranty for Oil Drums.

Free Freight with Lift Gate

Restaurant Equipment Delivery

We’re delivering to Chefs, restaurants, and food trucks across the Continental United States. Because you don’t have to be a celebrity chef like Rick Bayless, Gordon Ramsay, Rachael Ray, Wolfgang Puck, or Jamie Oliver to get people talking. You just need to be you. To have your own style with your own traditions. And of course, your own equipment, not someone else’s. Contact Us Today. My email is and my cellphone number is 206-419-5801 I am more than happy to answer your emails, phone calls, or texts morning, noon or night.
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