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Atosa Chest Freezer

Top-Loaded - Easy-to-Clean Surface with Anti-Frost Technology - Energy Saving Defrost Mode - Angle Curved Top

Chest Freezer

Atosa Chest Freezer Reviews

The newly designed Atosa Chest Freezer is the ideal storage solution. The curved design minimizes lost space and guarantees colder temperatures than a traditional atosa solid top freezers, and the pre-coated steel exterior ensures that it will never fade or rust, while keeping clean with just a wipe of a cloth. With its wide radius blue plastic top and lid frames, this sleek chest unit stands out in any store. The interior aluminum walls are Epoxy coated to prevent corrosion, withstand heavy use, and are easy to clean. This ice cream freezer also includes tempered glass sliding lids with decorative film that reduce solar heat gain without sacrificing visibility into the unit. Standard door locks ensure security against theft, while convenience defrost drain allows for easy cleaning. The 2” castors make for easy mobility throughout your store.

Atosa Freezer Details and Reviews

Atosa curved class freezers store ice cream and all types of frozen merchandise and smaller items seasonal specialties. They are uniquely designed to keep the cold inside with 3 inches insulation foam wall that is environmentally friendly. It also maintains -10° F (-23.33° C) to -1°F which is ideal for both ice cream and frozen food.

A True Chest Freezer

The durable exterior has a white pre-coated steel cabinet that matches any décor with big radius stylish blue plastic top and lid frames. The interior uses white pre-coated aluminum which makes it NSF sanitation approved and easy to clean. Plus, it has tempered glass slide lids with reflective film which reduces solar heat gain, enhances energy efficiency, and minimizes condensation. You will find this freezer convenient because it includes standard door locks that prevent theft and a defrost drain for easy cleaning.

Atosa Freezers

Looking for a true MWF9007 chest freezer to meet all your storage needs? Atosa has got it covered. With its curved shape, the Atosa chest freezer is perfect for storing ice cream and frozen foods. Plus, it's energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and durable!

Atosa Freezer Parts

The Atosa chest freezer is perfect for any retailer. It's designed to store ice cream and frozen food of all types. This unit has an easy-to-access door for quick storage and retrieval. This freezer has a white exterior with blue plastic door frames, so it will fit in with most shelving units. The inside of the unit is NSF approved with white aluminum that's easy to clean. Tempered glass lids provide protection from heat, while also reducing solar heat gain. The freezer also has epoxy coated castor wheels that make moving this item around your store quick and easy.

Ice Cream Freezer

The perfect solution for any retail store, the Atosa curved class freezer is uniquely designed to store ice cream and all types of frozen merchandise and seasonal specialties. Unlike traditional models, this unit features three inches of insulation foam on the walls that will keep products cold for hours. The electronically controlled system holds a temperature of -10 degrees Fahrenheit to -1 degree Fahrenheit, which is ideal for both ice cream and frozen food. A durable white pre-coated steel cabinet with distinctive blue plastic top and frame is easy to clean and NSF sanitation approved. The interior walls are simple to maintain and can be easily wiped down with a mild detergent or sanitizer. Clear tempered glass slides help bring in natural light while also reducing solar heat gain, enhancing energy efficiency, and minimizing condensation. Standard door locks provide security from theft while 2 inch diameter stem casters make it easy to move from one location to another without the risk of toppling over.


The Atosa MMF9113 curved class Freezers are uniquely designed to store ice cream and all types of frozen merchandise and seasonal specials. Maintains -10 °F to -1 °F with R290  friendly refrigeration system, perfect for both ice cream and frozen food. The exterior white pre-coated steel cabinet and standard epoxy white basket is durable and permanent with big radius stylish blue plastic top and lid frames.  Product dimensions 33.75(h) x 50.13(w) x 26.75 (d) inches.Atosa warranty 2 year parts and labor. 5 year compressor. Compare to Amazon and save.
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