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Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight
Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight

Refrigerated Pizza Prep Tables

Pizza Prep Table

Make Table

Pizza prep tables are also called make tables they vary in dimension and design by manufacturer.  They come with a wider cutting board compared to the Sandwich Prep Table. The size of the compressor housing is usually the greatest variance. This will effect the cubic content. The Atosa Pizza Prep Table and True Pizza Prep Table units are 44 inches, 67 inches, and 93 inches in width, 44 inches in overall height and 33 inches deep. Both

44 inch Pizza Prep Table

The 44 inch Pizza Prep Table is perfect for pizza kitchens that need a small footprint but still want to serve large pizzas. It can hold up to 44 inches of pizza, and it's got plenty of shelf space for your supplies.

Atosa Pizza Prep Table

Atosa and True TPP units have condiment shelves at the rear with the pans being inserted into cut-outs in the shelf and are refrigerated. The more desirable Energy Star Rated Atosa Pizza Prep Table elevated refrigerated stainless steel pans inserted at the rear of the working top. The 44 inch pizza prep table has 6 pans, 67 inch pizza prep table 9 pans and 93 inch pizza prep table has 12 1/9 pan capacity.

67 inch Pizza Prep Table

Back Bar Cooler

Pizza and Beer

Craft beers can make or break your pizza restaurant. A thirst-quenching Mexican coke pairs perfectly with pizza, and the profit margin on canned craft beer is much higher than on food.

Merchandiser Refrigerator

Back Bar Cooler

Canned craft beer is the best option for your bar, restaurant, or store. It's cheaper to stock because it has a longer shelf life than bottled beer. Plus, it's easier to cool and cheaper to maintain than draft beer.

True TPP Pizza Prep Table

Ever wanted to get down on your Chicago-style pizza roots? Now's the time, because these Atosa Prep Tables can handle both weight and spice. For all you aspiring chefs out there who are looking for an authentic taste of cheese that will leave customers craving more (and not just with their stomachs), it doesn't get much better than this!

All Atosa and True Sandwich Prep Tables Commercial Refrigeration, Pizza Prep Tables and Salad Prep Tables come with Free Shipping.

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