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Sharp R-CD2200 Twin Touch Commercial Microwave - 2200 Watts

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$2,450.00 - $2,450.00
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Sharp R-CD2200 Commercial Microwave - 2200 Watts

Heavy volume medium speed microwave. Ideal for high volume kitchens, sandwich stations, and snack bars.
  • Dual control panels.
  • 11 power levels
  • 4 stage programming
  • 100 memories / 10 pre-programmed
  • Double / Triple quantity
  • Express defrost.
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior.
  • 0.75 cubic foot interior.
  • Air filter counter.
  • Full 3 year warranty.

Can you believe that some chefs still don’t consider a microwave oven to be a real oven.

A debate that has raged since the microwave was first introduced in the 1950’s.

Many open minded chefs and have started to rethink what many profitable sandwich shops and smaller independent fast paced kitchens with limited space have known for years. That microwaves used along with the kitchens restaurant range or convection oven increases profitability, efficiency, helps keep energy costs down and keeps the kitchen cool.

Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave

Why use a Sharp commercial microwave over a residential microwave?

You may notice that the lighted digital display and control panel are very similar to the home microwave ovens, but Sharp commercial microwaves have programmable cooking times that can be pre-programmed. Home models are not made for continuous use and will burn out within the few hours of use in a busy sandwich shop or fast paced kitchen. Sharp commercial microwaves doors are more sturdy and designed to be open more than a hundreds times in a day compared to the residential microwave in your home.

Most health inspectors will not allow the use of a residential microwave and most manufacturers will not honor the warranty if the microwave is used in a commercial kitchen.

Thinking of buying a used Microwave? Accumulated food debris shortens the life span of a commercial microwave and you can tell if the unit has neglect by the aching which deteriorates the power of the microwave.

Residue left over will continue to cook leaving yellowish discoloration, scorch marks, or worse yet, pitted areas on the inner walls.

Sharp Commercial Microwave 2200 Watt

TwinTouch™ Commercial Microwave Oven, 2200 watts, 0.75 cu. ft. capacity, stainless steel door, cavity & outer wrapper, dual magnetron system, programmable timer, durable side-hinged see-thru door, Express Defrost™, dual control panel, 10 computerized touch pads, 11 power levels, SelectPower™, 4-stage cooking, double & triple quantity, 230/208v/60/1-ph, 14/16 amp, NEMA 6-20P, cULus, NSF.

Dimensions 13.62(h) x 17.52(w) x 22.56(d) inches.

Sharp Commercial Microwave Warranty

Full 3 year = Full 3 year on parts, labor, and travel.

Sharp R-CD2200 Twin Touch Commercial Microwave - 2200 Watts

Sharp R-CD2200 Twin Touch Commercial Microwave - 2200 Watts

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