Refrigerated Sushi Case

Refrigerated Sushi Case

Spartan Refrigeration

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Refrigerated Sushi Case

Spartan refrigerated sushi display cases are a fantastic option for displaying and refrigerating sushi dishes at your Asian restaurant. With these sushi cases, you can keep sushi products on solid food plates that are perfect for holding sushi, as well as a smooth, curved glass front and a self-refrigerated system.

2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty. 5 Year Compressor Warranty.

Spartan sushi cases are produced from NSF rated stainless steel, which is also simple to clean. Rice, sushi serving ware, and rice are available from Spartan Refrigeration to further enhance your creations.

Spartan Refrigerated Sushi Case, LED lighting, pans included

Sushi chefs will often keep their ingredients in the refrigerator to help maintain the perfect level of freshness for their creations. A refrigerator with a convenient layout is also important for sushi chefs to keep their workspace neat and organized. Some models of refrigerators are better suited for use in a commercial kitchen than others. A refrigerator with a layout that allows easy access to a variety of different foods is a convenient model for any chef.


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