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Atosa USA PPSL-12HD Heavy Duty Manual Slicer with 12 inch Circular Blade

by Atosa
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Atosa USA PPSL-12HD Heavy Duty Manual Meat Slicer

Get rid of your chef knife and upgrade to a food slicer. Actually, keep your chef knife and let the food slicer do all those endless chores of slicing meats and cheeses. Believe it or not a food slicer can actually increase your profits by controlling your portion sizes by accurately cutting meats and cheeses. Always, keep your cheese refrigerated before you slice it. Cheese loses moisture and room temperature and becomes gummy and make the whole slicing process wasteful.

Food Slicer Maintenance Tips

  • The blade should always be completely clean and dry before sharpening.
  • Wipe the blade clean after sharpening. This will keep debris away from the food.
  • Do not use vegetable oil on any part of the slicer.
  • Never submerged the motorized parts in water or in the dishwasher. This will damage the motor.
  • Clean all aluminum parts by hand and never use bleach or a mechanical dishwasher. This will cause the aluminum to pit and corrode.
Easily adjust your cut meat and cheese size with this high quality metal index knob, this knob provides precise portion control for shaving, chipping and thin or thick slicing of meats and cheeses.
  • 12-Inch special alloy knife (Rasspe, high quality brand made in Italy), longer lasting and easier to sharpen
  • 1/2HP powerful knife motor with permanently lubricated ball bearings, overload protection
  • Aluminum alloy one-piece base with stain resistant and easy clean anodized finish
  • Top mounted metal knife sharpener with two stones for a razor sharp cutting edge
  • High quality metal index knob control gets 0 to 9/16"(14mm) precision slice thickness adjustment
  • Permanent ring guard protects entire non-slicing portion of the knife, with removable cover and deflector
  • Knife cover interlock prevents slicer from operating without knife cover in place
  • Sealed splash zones for added sanitation and seamless edges and radius corners
  • Large square food receiving plate
  • Big carriage angle 42 degree, full gravity feed food chute
  • Power switch secures no voltage release preventing inadvertent reactivation of slicer in the event of power or interlock interruption.

Heavy Duyt Commercial Meat Slicer

The Atosa USA PPSL-12HD Heavy Duty Manual Slicer is designed with maximum sanitation in mind. Look for seamless surfaces, rounded corners, and corrugated feed grips to prevent foods and liquids from lodging in crevices. Made from corrosion resistant anodized stainless steel. Features two built-in top mounted high quality sharpening stones to ensure that your meat and cheese slicer is always sharp.

Used Commercial Meat Slicer for Sale

Buying a used commercial meat slicer can be risky. Quite often a used commercial meat slicer has not been handled proper care or maintenance.

Food Slicer Maintenance

  • The blade should always be dry before sharpening and make sure you clean the blade after sharpening to keep any debris away from food.
  • Do not use vegetable oil on any part of the slicer.
  • Do not submerge the motorized parts of the unit in the sink or dishwasher.
  • Parts should be cleaned by hand, never with bleach or in a mechanical dishwasher.
Without proper maintenance a warped or chipped blade costs $300 plus dollars. A warped blade cover can cost you another $200 or more.  That's more than the Atosa USA PPSL-10 Electric Meat Slicer and only a couple hundred dollars less than Atosa USA PPSL-12 Electric Meat Slicer and almost half the cost of the Atosa USA PPSL-14 Heavy Duty Manual Slicer. Atosa USA PPSL-12HD Heavy Duty Manual Slicer

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