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Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight

BK Resources CP-7548-SCK3 Gas Hose Connector Kit 3-4” Diameter 48 Inches

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BK Resources CP-7548-SCK3 Gas Hose Connector Kit 3/4” Diameter 48 Inches

Made for natural gas and propane powered restaurant equipment on casters. The BK Resources features technology that reduces stress on the ends of the hose. Made from heavy-duty welded stainless steel tubing, radial wrap stainless steel prevent tube stretching as equipment is moved in the restaurant. Coated with a antimicrobial PVC coating that inhibits growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on the gas connector.
  • Restraining cable and hardware, female-male 90 degrees, shut-off ball valve, and quick connect.
  • PVC
  • Inner diameter 3/4 inch
  • Length 48 inches

Manufacturing Approvals Certifications

Beware of fake gas connection kit products offered at deep discounts. The fakes/bogus knock-offs are made with sub-par materials and poor quality control standards that jeopardize your restaurants safety.
  • Z21.69
  • Z21.69b
  • Z21.69-2002
  • Z21.41a-2005
  • Z21.41b-2010
  • Z21.41-2003

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