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Atosa USA PPM-30 Planetary Mixers - 30 Quart 2 HP

by Atosa
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Atosa USA PPM-30 Planetary Mixers - 30 Quart 2 Horsepower

Atosa is sold out, MVP does offer a good value on a 30 Quart and 40 Quart Planetary Mixers.

The planetary mixer is very useful and efficient mixing equipment that’s used widely for mixing, dispersing, dissolving ingredients and so on. Generally, planetary mixers are categorized based on the orbit of the agitator carrying the Mixer Attachments. The tank mixes materials horizontally and rotating that results into a perfect mixing and takes a very short period of time. Planetary mixers are very vital tools in lots of industries, including medical drugs, food products etc. The sole purpose of this equipment is to mix properly and perfectly, especially the paste-like ingredients. For food industries, a planetary mixer is really helpful in creating a perfect bread dough. In the pharmaceutical field, planetary mixers are used for mixing up medicines and other ingredients. Those are generally larger and handled with the help of machines. If you’re a chef of a large family, you can consider getting a planetary mixer for yourself!

How planetary mixer work

A planetary mixer contains two blades with the unique axis of each. These axes are connected with a joint axis that allows each of them to rotate at the same movement despite being apart. Both blades rotate in different directions, ensuring the best possible ingredient movements. The blades represent the shape of a fan’s blades. The rotation of the blades can mix all sorts of ingredients faster and effectively. Planetary mixers are available in different sizes – mixers for home usage to industrial use for mixing up hundreds of gallons. Although you can use it to mix liquid, the general purpose isn’t for liquid substances. A planetary mixer is rather perfect for blending difficult and thick ingredients. The mixers contain a few more accessories like a removable dough pot, a dough hook, mixing paddle and a whisk. The hook is for pounding the dough, the paddle for mixing items together and lastly, a whisk for beating eggs and soft creams.

The standard benefits of planetary mixer

For the perfect mixer for your purposes, The Restaurant Warehouse has a wide range of collections of different sizes.

10 Quart Planetary Mixer

20 Quart Planetary Mixer

60 Quart Planetary Mixer

These are very user-friendly and designed for a flawless and efficient performance while mixing. They are also highly durable and strong. A great benefit of planetary mixers is they contain a powered hub on the front of the mixers. This facility allows the mixer to conserve more space for additional interchangeable accessories or other mixer attachments, transforming the simple mixer into a multi-purpose and versatile one. Because of such features, planetary mixers can handle not only dough but also potatoes, create butter, slice/shred vegetables etc. A proper setup can even grind meat!

The planetary mixers at The Restaurant Warehouse contain the international safety standards. Those mixers also contain a provision of locking emergency stop button, timer, good motor cooling and of course, interlocked safety guard. They ensure that if handled carefully, no damage to your mixer and yourself. Purchasing any planetary mixer will look like a big decision, but the real decision is to choose the right one for your usage purpose.

Moreover, you may get confused (and really challenging) to choose the right type of mixer for your possible unique needs. No need to rush – take your time and plan the perfect design and type. If chosen wisely, the planetary mixer will be your lifetime companion, helping you through numbers of situations. The price is also a nice question. That’s why The Restaurant Warehouse focuses on the best ones with an affordable and very reasonable price. The Restaurant Warehouse is one of the leading names in the field of the planetary mixer. Whatever configuration you need, The Restaurant Warehouse has all of them. So, why suffer so much? Get a planetary mixer for your home/industry and feel the power of product.

Atosa USA PPM-30 Planetary Mixers - 30 Quart

  • Three speed gear driven
  • 30 minute timer stops the mixer when timer ends
  • Safety cut-switch temporarily interrupts power if gears are changed without stopping the mixer
  • Number 12 hub accommodates meat grinder or shredder attachments for flexibility between grinding, and mixing
  • Comes standard with: stainless steel dough hook, wire whisk, at beater, stainless steel mixing bowl, and safety guard
  • Interlocked bowl lift and bowl guard opening
  • 6 ft. (1.8 m) cord with plug


PrepPal Planetary Mixer, 32 quart capacity, floor model, #12 hub, gear driven, (3) speed controls, side mounted controls, 30-minute timer, includes: stainless steel bowl & guard, wire whip, aluminum flat beater & dough hook, 2 HP, 115v/60/1-ph, NEMA 5-15P, cETLus, ETL-Sanitation, ENERGY STAR.


46(h) x 23(w) x 24(d) Inches.

Spec Sheet

Atosa USA PPM-30 Planetary Mixers - 30 Quart

Atosa USA PPM-30 Planetary Mixers - 30 Quart

Atosa USA PPM-30 Planetary Mixers - 30 Quart

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