Pizza Prep Tables

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Pizza Prep Tables

The Pizza Prep Table has a cutting board for mounting pizzas, sandwiches, and salads and a refrigerated compartment where you can store ingredients such as sauce and toppings. It also has built-in rails so you can set up pans and keep your toppings and ingredients organized. With our Pizza Prep Tables, you have extra storage space to make sure you never run out of ingredients during a busy lunch or dinner. They also offer plenty of space kitchen space to make the best pizzas.

The Atosa Pizza refrigerators are equipped with several compartments where you can store food and pans to fill them with toppings. Choose from models that range in width from one large compartment to several sections. Many pizza tables also have a cupboard where you can store additional products and hand tools.

From small, family-run pizzerias to large pizzerias, we have pizza preparation tables that meet your needs. Choose between tables of many different sizes and capacities or choose cabinets with drawers for storage. Each table is equipped with a practical chopping board on which you can place your dough and add sauce and topping.

Thanks to the folding compartments on the lid, you can keep the ingredients fresh in the pan. For more preparation options for your business, see our sandwich preparation table and stainless steel worktops and preparation stations.

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