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Restaurant Equipment Financing

Electric Panini Grill

Most chefs seem to have strong opinions about using gas or electric appliances. Yes, and electric Panini Grill is a no brainer. 

The local utility rates used to be a big factor in choosing the type electric or gas equipment. Another is the large capital investment in a Hood. The Restaurant Warehouse prefers gas equipment, but we understand that some restaurant start-ups don’t have the luxury of gas equipment.

Electric Griddle

Many successful restaurants have gotten away with using electrical convection ovens, and electric griddles.

Electric Deep Fryer

Some have even gotten away with a electric deep fryers. You definitely should check with your local county health department before you invest in a electric deep fryer or finance restaurant equipment. I know you want to serve up fries, but think about all the successful sandwich places Subway and Jimmy Johns don’t serve up fries. Yes, I know you want to be indie and different them. So here’s my question for you…

What’s on the menu?

You got to have sandwiches, sandwiches and more sandwiches made with a sandwich prep table. How about we get creative kettles soups and salads. There is a lot of profits in Soup. Does your family have a secret family chili recipe? No, well here’s your chance. Wink wink! Make a specials half a sandwich and a bowl of soup.

A hearty breakfast egg muffin with cheese sandwich or tortillas with cheese, eggs, and little of yesterday left over chili and a good strong cup of coffee would be a nice change to the over priced fare at Starbucks.

With electrical equipment, you have a lot more components that make up the inner workings of the appliance. From a service standpoint, electrical equipment is generally more expensive to repair than gas equipment. Electrical problems can also be harder to diagnose, due to the more prevalent use of solid-state controls that contain integrated circuits.

Yes, gas powered equipment is quicker, easier to maintain, and gas appliances give off a more even heat. Blah, blah, blah tell me something I don’t already know Einstein.

But, you do not need all that gas powered restaurant equipment that for a sandwich shop. Seriously, let your menu dictate your equipment needs.

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