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All You Need To Know About 48 Inch Sandwich Prep Table

All You Need To Know About 48 Inch Sandwich Prep Table

Take your food prep game to the next level with this two-section sandwich/salad top deli refrigerator.

Chopped salads, sandwiches, and pizzas are just a few of the things that you can make with our refrigerated prep tables. Whether you run a deli, salad bar, or cafe; these tables are perfect for storing ingredients and keeping them at cooler serving temperatures. When you need replacement parts or add-ons for your prep table, we have a wide selection available.

What is a 48" sandwich prep table?

The Atosa Two Door Sandwich Prep Table is the ideal way to make sandwiches and salads quickly and easily. With (12) 1/6 condiment stainless steel pans, a rear-mounted self-contained efficient refrigeration system, 13.4 cu. ft., two solid hinged self-closing doors, digital temperature control, 33° to 40°F temperature range.

Atosa MSF8302

The Atosa MSF8302 2 door sandwich prep table/salad prep table is the perfect addition to any restaurant or deli, with it's adjustable shelves and stainless steel exterior. The top is a 10" cutting board with a ventilated refrigeration and automatic evaporation system. The heat is diffused by air defrosting and it has a galvanized steel back.

With a built-in refrigeration system that automatically defrosts and has a low-temperature setting, this two door sandwich and salad prep table is perfect for any office.

What are the benefits of a 48" sandwich prep table?

Shopping for a sandwich prep table? Look for a Deli, Salad Bar or Cafe display that has a wide 48"× 48" or 48"×48" working surface, storage drawers and shelves in a 7-inch back drop. In this space, you can store refrigerated and prepared ingredients, sliced cheeses, condiments, tomatoes and other toppings. Cut up deli meats, cheeses and vegetables, then transfer them to serving sizes to store in prep drawers. As well, on the 48"x48" space, you can store clean produce, cut salad mixes, and ready-to-eat toppings and condiments. When prepping fresh deli salads, choose a serving bowl that is taller than the prep table so the salad toppings, such as lettuce, croutons and fresh tomatoes, are kept in sight.


Offering you more prep space and even additional refrigeration, refrigerated sandwich prep tables allow you to prepare delicious deli sandwiches, chopped salads and pizzas faster. For busy restaurateurs and fast food operators, refrigerated sandwich prep tables can help you handle more orders with less hassle. Whether you prefer stacking, shelving or refrigerating, our whole food prep solutions will be right for you.

Visit The Restaurant Warehouse today to see the extensive range of ready-to-order refrigerated sandwiches on sale today.

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