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Atosa USA MWF9016 Commercial Chest Freezer - 16 Cubic Feet

by Atosa
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Atosa USA MWF9016 Solid Top Ice Chest Freezer - 16 Cubic Feet

Item is currently on 4-5 Week Back Order. I do have a similar model by Dukers Available. 

If you’re a food lover or a busy kitchen, you obviously like to stock up on food staples, when you can get a discount right? Or, you’re tired of finding yourself hauling with the pounds of seasonal fish Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, bison, and venison meats? Either way, the best solution for any situation – food overload or storing for the future – is a dependable chest freezer to keep all the foods fresh and safe. The capacity of a freezer is heavily maximized in chest freezers, making it a perfect storage solution for both home and commercial environments. Considering the models with your needs and other features, you can easily cut off any useless internal space wastage. Chest freezers offer optimized freshness, energy efficiency and an easier design for frost-free storage, reducing the need for heavy maintenance. A chest freezer is available in different settings – sliding doors, glass doors, double door etc. Feel free to consider your needs and style for the perfect chest freezer.

Chest Freezers For Sale

Different settings offer different advantages. For example, in the commercial arena of maintaining a large quantity of ice cream or frozen foods for resale, sliding door system is the ideal solution as they’re designed for withstanding heavy usage. With glass doors, customers can easily see the contents with many designs allowing enhanced organization by using multiple baskets. Often times, the double-door freezers offer adjustable thermostats on both sides, allowing to preserve different types of items separately. There’s also an option available that comes up with internal fans and better air circulation, allowing the faster freezing function to lock in the freshness of the food.

For most commercial areas, a chest freezer is a nice choice as freezers with drawers allow to arrange and store more food in a small space. You might think that choosing the perfect chest freezer is very, but with all the available options in the market, it’s a real challenge. The size varies a lot – 50 liters to 500 liters. Based on the requirement, the ideal freezer is tough to find. An easy technique would be not focusing much on the volume first. Instead, pay your attention to the features and facilities. Choose a freezer that supports useful features and the size is comfortable to fit in your house.

When choosing a freezer for your home, you also have to keep a sharp look at the energy rating. It’s really important to measure the viability of the product for your house. There are so many latest model chest freezers that come up with A+ or A++ rating that are highly energy efficient, saving a lot of trouble from your electricity bill. Indirectly, you’re also taking a part in decreasing the carbon footprint. Chest freezers are designed so that the cold air will flow downwards while the door is open, creating an efficient air flow. This efficiency will help the freezer not to get heated up when the door stays open for several minutes. In the case of normal freezers, the machinery would get heated to try to compensate the outside’s heat input.

Best Chest Freezers

Here, at The Restaurant Warehouse, has a diverse collection of chest freezers – ranging from 7 cubic feet to 16 cubic feet. When shopping for a chest freezer for your restaurant, keep a sharp look for the storage. As you’re using it in a crowded kitchen, the size is important. You’re not going to host a 100-liter freezer where your maximum requirement is 50 liter, right? If you buy food in bulk frequently, then you can consider the higher storage capacity. A deep freezer is the best solution when you need to preserve a large number of items. It also increases the shelf life of a food.

That’s why get the best chest freezer for your house or your restaurant today from The Restaurant Warehouse! The Restaurant Warehouse understands the necessary pieces of equipment. For your convenience, they also offer a wide collection of standalone chest freezers from Atosa Catering Equipment. A chest freezer is a nice addition to the basic freezer and fridge combo. If your house already has a basic freezer, you can get a chest freezer for storing foods you don’t intend to eat anytime soon. Have a look at the entire collection of the best chest freezers at The Restaurant Warehouse.

Product features

  • Atosa Solid Top Freezers are uniquely designed for perfect storage of all types of frozen merchandise and seasonal specialties.
  • 3 inch insulation foam wall secure good cold effect by environmentally friendly (134A) refrigeration system.
  • Maintains -10 degrees F (-23.33?) to -1 degrees F, ideal for both ice cream and frozen food.
  • Exterior white pre-coated steel cabinet is durable and permanent.
  • Interior white pre-coated aluminum has NSF Sanitation approved, and is durable and easy to clean.
  • Door locks standard provide security prevents theft (for models above MWF9007).
  • Convenient defrost drain for easy cleaning.
  • 2-Inch (50MM) diameter stem castors.
  • Standard Epoxy coated white basket to keep smaller items in place.

Product description

Atosa Chest Freezer, 60-1/5"W x 26-1/2"D x 34-1/2"H, side-mounted self-contained refrigeration, 15.9 cu. ft., locking solid hinged lid, temperature range -10° to -1°F, white epoxy coated basket, white coated steel exterior, white coated aluminum interior, defrost drain, 2" casters, 145 watts, 115v/60/1-ph, cETLus, ETL-Sanitation.


34.5(h) x 60.2(w) x 26.5(d) inches.

Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet Atosa USA MWF9016 Solid Top Ice Chest Freezer - 16 Cubic Feet

Atosa Restaurant Equipment

Atosa USA

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