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Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight
Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight

Canned Beer

Canned Beer

Oskar Blues became the first microbrewer in America to embrace the can as its principal beer packaging  in 2002. Since then, countless microbreweries have followed suit, and at last count more than a thousand craft beers were available in cans, covering different styles, ranging from sours, fruit beers and stouts to imperial porters, wheat beers brewed with watermelon, and oak-aged Belgian-style abbey ales.

Brew masters argue that cans are unbreakable and lightweight, block light completely, chill quickly, take cup less space, and are less susceptible to oxidization. 

Many wine purists scoffed when with the wine screw cap. There is always  a lot of resistance to it at first, but now it's perfectly acceptable for restaurants to serve screw cap wines this way.

Canned Beer Advantages

  • Better Beer - Unlike bottles, cans protect beer from two its to biggest emies: sunlight and oxygen, Oxygen reacts with elements in the beer to create stale. Exposure to UV light, gives the beer an unpleasant "skunk-like" aroma. Whereas clear and green glass bottles offer little protection from light, cans are completely impermeable to ruinous rays. Hermetically sealed, cans also pick up less oxygen in the brewery and are more secure than a bottle cap. Oxygen doesn't get in, carbon dioxide doesn't gets out.
    • Environmentally Friendly - The can is the most recycled package in the world. Lighter, easier to stack, it uses a fraction of the energy to produce, ship, and recycle that glass does.
    • Cost - Cans are cheaper for the brewery and distributor to ship. Cans do not break when stored in the back bar cooler. They are also cheaper to chill in the back bar cooler, as they cool down faster than bottle coolers and take up less space.
    • Protability - Cans go where bottles cannot. They can be taken on outdoor adventures: picnics, camping, music festivals, hiking, golf, beaches, fishing trips, trainspotting, and so on.
    • Satety - Cans are safer in the brewery, during transport, and in the hands of both bartenders and consumers.

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