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Dukers BD/BG520 60-inch Double Door Chest Freezer

by Dukers
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Original price $1,300.00
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Dukers BD/BG520 60-inch Double Door Chest Freezer

If you're someone who loves food or works in a busy kitchen, chances are you enjoy taking advantage of discounts to stock up on food staples. Alternatively, you might be tired of struggling with the weight of seasonal fish and various meats like beef, chicken, pork, lamb, bison, and venison. In either case, a reliable chest freezer is the ideal solution for dealing with food overload or storing food for the future. Chest freezers have a large capacity, making them perfect for both home and commercial use. By considering your specific needs and desired features, you can easily eliminate any unnecessary wasted space inside the freezer. Chest freezers offer optimized freshness, energy efficiency, and a user-friendly frost-free design, reducing the need for extensive maintenance. There are different types of chest freezers available, such as those with sliding doors, glass doors, or double doors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs and style.

Affordable Chest Freezers Available for Purchase

Various settings provide different benefits. For instance, in the commercial sector where there is a need to store and sell a large quantity of ice cream or frozen goods, a sliding door system is the optimal choice due to its durability for heavy usage. The use of glass doors allows customers to easily view the contents, and the incorporation of multiple baskets allows for improved organization. Additionally, double-door freezers often come equipped with adjustable thermostats on both sides, enabling the separate preservation of different types of items. Furthermore, there is an option available that includes internal fans and enhanced air circulation, resulting in faster freezing and the preservation of food freshness.

When it comes to commercial areas, a chest freezer is a great option due to its ability to maximize food storage in a small space. However, with the multitude of options available in the market, finding the perfect chest freezer can be quite challenging. The size ranges significantly, from 50 liters to 500 liters, making it difficult to determine the ideal freezer based on size alone. Instead, it is advisable to prioritize the features and facilities offered by the freezer. Opt for a freezer that provides useful features and a size that comfortably fits within your home.

When selecting a freezer for your home, it is essential to pay close attention to the energy rating. Evaluating the suitability of the product for your household is crucial. Many modern chest freezers are available with an A+ or A++ rating, indicating high energy efficiency and significant savings on your electricity bill. Additionally, by choosing such a freezer, you are indirectly contributing to reducing your carbon footprint. Chest freezers are specifically designed to ensure efficient airflow by directing cold air downwards when the door is open. This design prevents the freezer from overheating when the door is left open for extended periods of time. In contrast, traditional freezers would heat up as they attempt to compensate for the external heat input.

Top Chest Freezers

At The Restaurant Warehouse, we offer a wide variety of chest freezers, ranging in size from 7 cubic feet to 16 cubic feet. When searching for a chest freezer for your restaurant, it's important to consider the storage capacity. Since it will be used in a busy kitchen, size matters. You wouldn't want to invest in a 100-liter freezer if your maximum requirement is only 50 liters, right? If you frequently purchase food in bulk, then a larger storage capacity may be worth considering. A deep freezer is the ideal solution when you need to store a large quantity of items, and it also helps to extend the shelf life of food.

To meet your needs, The Restaurant Warehouse offers a range of top-quality chest freezers for your home or restaurant. They understand the importance of having the right equipment, which is why they provide a diverse selection of standalone chest freezers from Dukers. Adding a chest freezer to your existing freezer and fridge combination can be a great idea. If you already have a basic freezer at home, a chest freezer can be used for storing food that you don't plan on consuming in the near future. Take a look at The Restaurant Warehouse's extensive collection of the finest chest freezers available.

    Product description

    Chest Freezer, 59-1/4"W, bottom mount self-contained refrigeration, (2) solid hinged lid, (2) epoxy coated baskets, digital controller, LED temperature display, fan assisted condenser, copper evaporator, temperature range from -10 to 0* F, white coated steel exterior, aluminum interior, defrost drain, manual defrost, (4) 3" castors, R290 Hydrocarbon refrigerant, 2/7 hp, NEMA 5-20P, cETLus, ETL-Sanitation.


    36.5(h) x 59.25(w) x 27.75(d) inches.

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