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Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight
Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight

Used Restaurant Equipment

Used Restaurant Equipment

Buying used restaurant equipment can be a great way to save money with your restaurant start-up. The only problem really with buying used restaurant equipment is that don’t come with a warranty and they could lose their NSF rating.

Ways to Save Money on Restaurant Equipment

Many restaurants don’t consider buying used restaurant equipment that has no mechanical parts. For example, dining tables. The only way a dining table will break is if you or your customer should decide to dance on it. Another money saver is buying either used or slightly used tableware. Many restaurants cringe at the thought of mixed and matched tableware, but I always find eclectic mix of tableware to be a refreshing change. Again, tableware only breaks if you drop it.

Bargain and Haggle

I sell restaurant equipment and I am always more than happy to a bargain and haggle, but there has got to be an incentive for me. Yes, I want to help you with your restaurant start-up, but I can’t sell restaurant equipment at a loss.

How are you supposed to stay in business if you sell your restaurant food at a loss

How am I supposed to help the future restaurant start-ups if take a loss. What can you the restaurant bring the table? Got a truck (everyone knows someone who has a truck) want to do a will call pick up? Well if yes, then I can definitely offer a discount. Please note that my warehouses have forklifts so there is no back breaking labor to load up a truck. You just need to bring straps to secure your load. Are you looking to buy 5-6 different units? Well if yes, then I can offer a discount and more than likely even get you free freight.

My first blog post is called Is Your Restaurant Adequately Funded? The blog post focus is on minimizing your risks.

I do hope that you found this restaurant equipment blog posting to be helpful.

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